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May 14, 2006

fairy paisley skirt

while waiting patiently for my bag material to arrive, i found myself thinking of a skirt to match the bag. hence i decided to sew on sunday.

an turquoise a-line skirt, fabric by amy butler

and we all know how quickly sewing goes...


pattern: butterick B4461
difficulty (1-5): 2
pattern size: 12 (with wide seam allowance)
fabric: amy butler's charm collection in fairy paisley

determination is a scary thing sometimes. my photographer is not here so i had to do self portrait again. this time, it was not so easy. i only had this decent front shot to entertain you.

this is my second sewing project, and, honestly, i am soooo pleased with the way it turned out. i love the fit! it was probably beginner's luck but i am still thrilled.

i did make some modifications: after i cut out the pieces, the front and back looked gigantic... even with some seam allowance. so, instead of blindly following the instructions, i used 1" seam allowance for the sides to make it smaller. which worked out great. however, my facings did not align as nicely as i would have liked because of this. but, it really did not bother me at all.

the skirt from the pattern seems to sit pretty high on the waist, and i think making it size 12 allows my skirt to sit lower, and, i just adjusted the hemline to the desirable length.

this is also the first time i installed zippers. i followed the instructions, changed out zipper foot, and it worked out quite nicely. no more fear for zippers!!

now, who thinks i should get a pair of red sandals to complete the amy butler look, raise your hand.


All that comes to mind is.... that's not a size 12! You're teeny tiny!

Very pretty though!

yowzer! fabulous skirt, love the fabric and YES you must buy the sandals.

That skirt looks great! All these knitters are moving into sewing now. I can't wait to see your bag.

Your skirt is awesome! I just got a machine today and I am very excited! Hopefully I'll get to post something cool very soon. Great job!

This is such a cute skirt and a lovely photo to show it. I hope you don't mind, but I am such a Blossom wannabe - I am planning my next skirt and it will probably be an A-line one too. I just finished my circle skirt (the same pattern as the one you made, but I should have used a more drapey fabric).

forgot to add - go for the red sandals!

The skirt looks really great, Blossom! Great job on the modifications. I *always* think that new sandals are a good idea. =)

The answer to any "should I get a new (insert clothing or accessory item here)" is aways, YES! Fabulous job!

I don't think it's beginner's luck at all! You obviously have got the talent for sewing. It is a gorgeous skirt Blossom!

The skirt looks great and you definitely deserve some red sandals! :) I just finished a paisley skirt too; I guess great minds think alike. ;)

I like what you did to make it low rise, very smart.
The color of your top goes very well, too, love your taste!
And yes, get the sandals!!!

The paisley skirt looks great!!
I look forward to seeing your bag and get the red sandals!!

Super cute!


Great job! I'm still terrified of my sewing machine ever since it ate a whole bobbin.

It's fabulous. What a wonderful job and it looks like the fit is superb. I think you definitely need the red sandles.

Your skirt is so great-your fast with the sewing! I really like Amy Butler fabrics. They are funky and the colors are the best. And speaking of colors, I am wondering what yarn you are using for your new socks? I am in love with the colorway and have been googling meilenweit yarn to no avail. Can you let me know what the colorway is and the type of yarn- I really appriciate your help:)

The skirt looks beautiful! Great job! Yes, buy shoes :)

You will never have to ask if you should buy red shoes. The answer is always YES!

Lovely skirt!

Your skirt turned out great! I am going to try a skirt too one of these days. Its amazing how quick a sewing project can go.

Beautiful!!! And definitely go for the sandals - they'd be perfect!

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