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May 12, 2006

intown bag

amy butler.jpg

if i can trade a day with an artist, amy butler is definitely on the top of my list. or, the top seven so i can live a week in her clothes, her studio, bags and inspirations.

honestly, i was never a fan of country style, it dulls me... but, amy's style is just so modern, so clean and so surprisingly rich in colors and calming in their combinations. she is a genius.

anyway as i was comteplating on what to make of the next installment of the sewalong, i could not decide on which bags to make, although all of them were amy butler's. i wanted the weekender bag, the messenger bag, the chelsea... then, i saw the cafe apron, the cabo halter, i was completely lost. before i knew, this sewalong for bags was coming to an end and i still could not make up my mind.

but soon, i'll have amy butler's intown bag in my stash, with her sunbloom fabrics called gracious lotus. i'm making this simply chic and posh bag for myself. i may lined the bag with a matching (i think it matches) floral fabric from here.

eventually though, i'm making a weekender bag. steph's version has totally convinced me. i'm also thinking of making the cafe apron set. they are just so cute. if i can't live in amy's life for a few days, at least i can wear her fabrics all over me for as long as this obsession lasts.


Yes, she's amazing! And reprodepot is dangerous!

I totally agree with you about Amy Butler! I love her look- which is totally suprising since I'm not into country-ish things either. Can't wait to see the bag!

I've been going a little Amy Butler crazy myself, I can't wait for her new 'forest' to come out, the fabrics are amazing, not to mention the tantalizing project pictures on her site. I've been having a hard time finding a store that carries all her fabrics, but maybe that's a good thing. Love the pattern combo you picked!

The gracious lotus print looks perfect and I like the shape of the intown bag.

She is amazing! I think the bag is wonderful and love the fabrics you've chosen :o) Happy sewing!

I do love Amy Butler's fabrics too and I am really looking forward to seeing your bag!

What I like are her colours and colour combinations, very sophisticated. The fabric you've chosen is going to make one chic and posh bag indeed.

You always have such good taste. Can't wait to see what you make, it'll be beautiful.

I shall sew vicariously through you, because what Craftoholic said about her patience would apply to me--long before the bag was finished!

hello, about the previous post on that taiwanese artist's version of lemon tree, i absolutely love it too and i sang it all the time while in was in school !!
anyway, make some cafe aprons and hang them on bare kitchen walls. It would probably create an Amy Butler inspired theme in your kitchen

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