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May 06, 2006

just a yellow lemon tree

yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky,
and all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree

i love this song - lemon tree by fools garden. in fact, i heard it for the first time as a translated version by a female taiwanese artist. i did not find out who the original artist was until years later when i played this song again on CD, my american friend told me.

anyway... i feel the need to knit something simple, something spring. colors of yellow, blues and green seem to be so appropriate for my current state of mind. i am making a pair of ribbed socks. i am calling it lemon tree.

lemon tree is going to be at least 10 inches long before i make the heels, that is if i can decide what kind of heels to make. nonetheless, i think the cotton is going to be wonderful to wear in summer.

i wore my blue cobalt cardi to work on friday and i totally loved it! it was a cloudy day with a bit of chilly breeze, i wore a pair of very broken in jeans and a very worn out grey t-shirt with the cardi, it felt so perfect and comforting. like having a bowl of beef stew. all day long i was immersed in this wonderful feeling and thinking about the generous comments from all of you. you guys made my day.

so i want more blue. but don't say blue, say cornflower. i am making this tunic from rebecca 29 with 100% linen yarn from joujouka. this is going to be a cornflower tunic to be worn over a tank top, with a little slip dress or even a pair of linen pants. i am loving it already!

cornflower tunic with my favoriate liuli paper weight

the yarn is surprisingly strong, but very very thin. it feels hard at first but once knitted, it has a beautiful drape. i am doubling up the yarn and using US5 needles. it is going to take a while no matter how i look at it. but luckily it is just mindless knitting.

it is getting late... i am thinking of having a cup of baileys latte and perhaps listening to some fools garden before i go to sleep.


Great socks! I love the colors.

Cornflower blue is really pretty and I like the lemon tree song too, puts a little bounce to my steps.

Great socks. I love linen yarn--especially the fact that you can wash and dry it.

oh the linen tunic will be wonderful! so perfect on a cool summer evening.

Love the colors!

Those are exciting new projects, it's nice to see the linen cone yarn knitted, what a beautiful shade of blue, or cornflower.

Great socks. I love the color combo. And the cornflower is gorgeous. Mindless knitting is sometimes a really good thing.

Oh that cornflower tunic is going to be pretty. Very sexy! Mindless knitting is great especially when you're watching tv :)

The socks are great - and I love the picture. It is HARD to get a good shot of socks on your own feet - and yours even looks artistic!

Great knee socks. I love the color too!!
and cornflower tunic is going to be so cute :>

Cornflower is a beautiful colour! The tunic will look stunning I am sure.

Those colors look so nice together! I love your photographs. They're so crisp (weird word) and fresh looking.

I *love* that song! It just popped back into my head last week, and I've been humming it constantly since then. Always makes me smile :-)

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