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May 28, 2006


i got tired of working on the napkins (well, i haven't really worked on it since my last post...), sewing squares are really not all that fun. there are so many other interesting things i can do with my sewing machine, like, renovate an old pair of diesel jeans, which was too small when i bought it and i never lost the critical inch to fit in.


i added half an inch to each side and did a really ghetto job of joining the waistband (which you can't see here). i actually used yellow thread to accentuate the ghetto-ness. now my jeans look sort of pin-stripey but fits so much better. i love it.

really, i was on a creativity high today. i even made a semi-log cabin fabric art with some scraps. laziness finally won so this creation actually involves no sewing at all. i may stitch them in place one day. or, maybe not.



WOW! The jeans look fab! You should be taking part in wardrobe refashion.

Love the log cabin fabric art!

I like that side stripe! It reminds me of tuxedo pants.

You really have a recreative mind. I like your idea of quilting.

So much industrious behavior. You're freaking me out!

Time well spent on the jeans, they look good.

Congratulations on the Jeans transformation! They are not the easiest to work with (fabric too thick)! I love your sewn picture.

Great idea for your jeans. I should borrow that idea for a pair of my own :-)

Your collage is cute, too. You have such clever ideas here.

Great jeans! I love your creative way of making them fit you properly.

Great jeans fix. I'll have to remember that! And I love your new artwork. You're just so very creative and talented.

Brilliant work! I'm super impressed- the jeans look fab and such a sensible idea, and I love the colours and patterns in your "quilt"- looks beautiful in your room.

I've been trying to do that to an old favourite pair of jeans for ages. I got round to splitting them up the sides last year, then stalled as I wasn't sure what colour stripe to go for, and shied at the idea of the waist-band! Your idea of white may be just the ticket. Did you use white denim or another fabric? And how did you join the waist-band?

I'm so pleased to have discovered your blog! I love it. (Thanks to Anna of My Fashionable Life). ;)