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May 30, 2006

ruffles shoulder bag

remember this bag i talked about a while back?

i made my version this weekend...
... with some modifications- size, from super big to moderate; material, from linen to denim. and, i also added lining to the bag, as well as a magnetic snap.

pattern: shoulder bag from japanese magazine 4860670973
difficulty (1-5): 2
pattern size: one size
fabric: 1/2 yd of denim yarn and vintage fabric from chloe's closet for lining

bags are so great to make, not only they are functional but also with endless possibilities of style. make one for each outfit, each day of the week; make one for summer in dupioni silk, cashmere tartan for fall and winter. but oddly, as much as a fashion slave that i am, i own very few bags.

i was quite taken by the fact that bags should be leather, ideally you should spend money on a good bag and use it for the rest of your life. like, louis vuitton and prada bags fall into this category. with fashion trends moving faster than wind, i want more than just one good bag. and honestly, making it from scratch is more fun than buying one from the store.

now all i need is inspirations. i turn to zakka and several cutest japanese magazines i bought from yesasia.

counterclock-wise from top: isbn 4579109988, 483472235X & 483472316X

what i never thought possible had suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. i'm overwhelmed but more than ever excited about making bags.

here are some of my "must have" bags:

this is for summer, hawaiian print, quilt stitching, leather handles... just perfect

whimsical polka dots with matching case, i love the red, white and black. so primary in color, so cozy for the winter!


Your new bag and your updated jeans look great! And I love the Hawaiian applique bag, too. You should do that next! :)

you made it! I have been coveting that bag! beautiful

What a wonderful bag! I love your big bag -- so roomy and yet so stylish. All the bags you pointed out are wonderful but I must admit my heart went pitter patter over the Hawaiian bag.

fab bag, blossom! i have that book with the polka dot bags in it - they are so cute. must get round to making them at one point!

What a cool bag, nice work. Those polka dot cases are so cute, the style and the colors remind me of Kate Spade.

nice job sizing down the bag, it looks great (and more reasonable at this size)! I agree, sewing bags has much possibility. I just bought some tweed for a fall/winter bag.

Beautiful bag, I especially like the contrast stitching. Simple, clean, perfect for summer. I haven't really let myself look at too many Japanese craft books, I'd get in serious trouble. Can't wait to see what you're sewing up next!

Cute bag. I really like the size and I'm with you on the benefits of sewing your own bags. I love that poka dot one.

This is a great bag Blossom! I can't wait to see the next one... Making bags is addictive! I think it is because you can make them for every occasion and stamp your personnality on it.

I love those polka dot bags. I have that book too and it has so many great bags in it!

Nice bag! I, too, was of the mind that good bags should be made of leather and last for eons, but all the wonderful bag projects I've seen recently on blogs, like yours, have convinced me that they can coexist... So to start this new obssession, I just purchased a book of bags this past weekend!

I have a black leather bag that I have used for years and I have grown rather attached to it :) But you are right, with sewn bags, the stylin' possibilities are endless. Your new bag is great for weekends!

Your version=much better.

Wow it looks great on you !! It is good idea that changed fabric.
If you want to make the bag of this last photo,I think this page is useful.

Great bag! and it looks like you have many more in your future! Thanks for that link - I have been looking for a vendor ;)

awesome bag!! i agree with other comments - smaller is better! i just saw your blog via Amelia Ratte's, love it!! you are inspiring me to sew! ;-)

Hi Bloss!

Wow! you are definitely doin more than knitting now! How did u redo your jeans! It's amazing and looks great! One more thing, where did u get those red wedges from? I want one too! They are so beautiful! Please tell me!!!

your bag is totally sweet, i think it is a vast improvement on the original. way to go!

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