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June 06, 2006

cotton lawn, anyone?

wow. so glad to see you guys digging my pj. this is a truly satisfying project! i am going to make another one for my sister and it will be in shorts. i will re-use the pattern butl probably need to be creative on making it the next size up. an imaginary line will have to be created. it should work.

now i'm moving on to something else. i want a flowy summer dress. bad. and i see some gorgeous ones on banana republic with price tags i don't like. however, they should not be so hard to make, right? i love love love the yellow dress, but, it may be a little bit out of my skill level right now. the other two white dresses, however, look somewhat simple and i just so happened to find a similar pattern here a similar pattern here. now we are on to something...

summer and cotton go hand in hand. but do you know how many kinds of cotton fabrics there are? so freaking complicated. if you had happened to physically touch the yellow banana republic dress i liked, you would know that that "light cotton" is really, truly, light. and airy. which i think it belongs to something called organdy? or, lawn? or, gauze? see, i'm not so sure.

anyone knows a good place to get light weight, floaty cotton fabrics? this time, i'm searching for just plain white. no amy butler, vintage cherries or apples. i just want a ruffling white summer dress in light cotton fabric.


i have some knitting to share... not overly exciting but knitting nonetheless. stay tuned.


oh, that looks like a fun project. I have no answers to your questions, though. I do wish you luck on finding the right fabric for the project.

That's a great idea, you'll make a beautiful summer dress. The pattern you found looks very pretty and feminine, nice choice. Good luck finding the perfect fabric for it.

Hi Blossom. I too am in need of a nice summer dress, so your post was particularly of interest. I like those BR dresses! I'm on a budget too, however. Have you looked on the Fashion Fabrics site? They have white gauze and cotton lawn as well and great prices. Gauze is like a crinkly cotton and airy...by that I mean not as many threads per inch. Lawn is much lighter and a bit see-thru so it would have to be lined or doubled. Both would be great for lighter, flowy dresses. I prefer rayon for its weight and drape but white is hard to find. Look at Dharma Trading for white fabrics...they sell to dyers and will send samples. They have lots of different weights of gauze and other cottons...and white rayon. You might also consider a light weight poplin, but not broadcloth as it gets too heavy. They make some great stretch poplins nowadays. So, let me know how it works out. I enjoy your blog...Nickie

This is a great pattern you've found there! The perfect summer dress. I can't help you much about the choice of fabric, but I think Nickie's comment gives you all the answers you need.

There's a really cute dress that is in the new Martha Stewart magazine, Blueprint. You can print out the instructions and pattern from her website. It only takes 11 seams and some rope I think.

Oooh, i want it to be summer here! I love your pj pants, the fabric is gorgeous. Mia and i are both wearing our socks you knit us today!

That yellow summer dress is really gorgeous. Sorry I won't be able to help you with the fabric.

I love that pattern (I may have to order it) and those BR dresses are super cute. I don't think you want gauze or organdy - they're pretty sheer. Organdy is a fabric used a lot as overskirts or details for wedding dresses and gauze - well, think of those floaty prairie skirts that were kind of krinkley - most of those were gauze. I'm not familiar with lawn, but it sounds like it's pretty sheer too. You might have to go to a fabric store and feel some fabrics to narrow things down and then look on line for exactly what you're looking for.

I recently bought a linen/rayon blend that looks like it might drape similarly to those dresses. I love looking at Anthropologie for ideas. I just saw this one the other day and thought of you when I read it's in cotton voile, yet another choice :)

Cotton voile or a fine soft linen blend sounds like a possibility. But you make need some lining? By the way, the pj pants are so cute!

sorry I meant to type "you MIGHT need some lining?"

Lovely dresses! Can't wait to see what you decide to do! I wish I had more fabric help to give you - I don't know much about anything about different fabrics - my only thought was to go to the mall (for the big variety/selection) and find dresses where you like the drape and feel of the fabric - even try it on to see if it's the right weight - then check the tag to figure out what it is! Sounds simplistic, but it might work?!

I've tried that yellow dress on at the store (only in white). It's gorgeous. And very expensive. My hat goes off to you if you can create something similar.

You should check out this pattern. I'm in love with it and am going to make it this summer myself.


Hi, I just ran across your blog and was hoping you might be able to help. I have a picture of a dress that I would love to duplicate, but I am having a hard time both with finding a pattern and fabric. (I tried to insert a picture in this comment, but no luck. If you could possibly help, I could email you a picture).

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