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June 08, 2006

lemon tree sock .5


this is my lemon tree socks half way to a pair. that was few weeks ago actually. my focus has since been shifted to sewing... thanks for all the suggestions on cotton fabrics. i will embark on a quest for the most appropriate form of cotton for my summer dress. one more thing, if you are also in atlanta and know of a good quilt/fabric store that is not joann nor hancock fabrics, please tell me, m'kay!

lemon tree sock was knit with meilenweit cotton/wool blend yarn. machine washable and actually quite comfortable to wear. i think self striping yarn looks best in stockinette stitches, ribbing sort of takes away the crispness of the stripes. anyway. it is after all just a pair of socks. i will wear it often and i'm sure it is going to be comfortable enough to forget about the boring process this sock pattern has given me.

well, of course i'll need to finish the second sock. i hope my second sock will also give me this tiniest bit of yellow when grafting off. i love having symmetry in my socks. very unnecessarily anal but sadly that's just how things are around here.


So cute! I love the name too, makes me think of sunshine and happy days.
Cotton batiste might be a nice fabric for dresses, or seersucker, which is slightly wrinkled.

Intown Quilters! Forsyth Fabrics for decorating fabrics. There is also a place for sari fabrics off of North Druid Hills if you are interested...

Cute sock. I love the happy summer colors. I'm anal about my socks too, but I can't help it either.

That sock looks great. I love the colors.

Good luck finding a fabric shop in Atlanta. While I lived there a few years ago, the best I could find was JoAnn's and Hancocks. Every fabric shop seemed to only sell upholstery fabric. Hopefully things have changed. My suggestion, go to the yellow pages and call all of the fabric stores listed. That's probably your best shot.

Hello, I love your sock. Beautiful colours there, can't wait to see the other one:)

Nice sock! Summery and cool looking!

Very nice sock, Blossom! I love the stripes!

nice sock! i hope you get your yellow too!

Nice sock. I'm not sure about ‘unnecessarily’. If it makes you happy, it's necessary :)

Great socks, blossom! And I am definitely with you on the symmetry thing - I think I would even go so far as to cut the yarn and MAKE SURE I was grafting with the yellow. So I'd have a few more ends to weave in - the symmetry would be worth it.

Beautiful. I do believe those would go with that yellow dress from previous posting. At least on the planet Yellow.

I would like to make these socks. Where can I find an online pattern? This would be my FIRST time making socks, so anybody who can recommend and EASY pattern will become my best friend. :-) Thanks!

What a happy sock! Love it.

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