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June 04, 2006



pattern: butterick B3314
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
pattern size: XS
fabric: 2 yd of alexander henry's bright light in green, 3/4" wide elastic band

it is difficult not to feel chic in a sleepy, grungy sort of way when putting on this pair of pajama pants (when the color also matches the coffee mug). i have been wanting to make a pair of pants like this to lounge around forever! and it turned out so well i may just have to make a few more. say bye bye to victoria secret pink jammy as well as abercrombie's overpriced version.

again, this is another on the whim project for this weekend after i got tired of knitting my cornflower tunic. the pattern was rated "fast and easy" which i think was quite true. when i looked at the pattern pieces initially, they looked really, really big, even by taking the seam allowance into consideration, there was no way i would need that much room for comfort. so, i made the smallest version, which turned out just right (size comparable to my own pajama pants). next time though, i'd probably make it longer.

i modified the pants again to sit low, and added matching fabrics as drawstring ties. elastic band was sewn to the ties and i used buttonhole feature for the drawstring, like this. the idea as stolen from my abercrombie pants. i may add a small pocket later, but, would i ever need a pocket?

thanks to hege for the loveliest fabric! i had initially expressed my intent to make this fabric into jammy pants, she thought the fabric may be too luxurious for it. i agreed. but i may be more likely to wear this on a regular basis than if i had made this into a dress, or a skirt. alexander's fabric is really wonderful to wear and not to mention the whimsical design. i think they are perfect for sunday.


GrEaT Pj pAnTs!!! The fabric is wondeful, super sewing skills too. This makes me want to hit the sewing room.

oh wow! fabulous pjs! absoutely fabulous!

Sunday Lounging pants, what a great idea! I love this bright fabric. Yes, make more, now that you've found out they are pretty quick to make. Brilliant!

Those are really fun pj pants! I love the fabric you've chosen -- simple but with a lot of style.

I think you are right, you'll get to enjoy the fabric more this way than with a dress! The pants look great! Really nice details!

Cool, they look so comfortable!

Those look great! You did a wonderful job with the pattern.

great pj's! They are very cute!

They are super cute pj pants!! I think you have the trendiest looking pjs ever. =)

That fabric is fabulous! Now you can wear it all the time!

Love the print and I agree, they make the perfect pants. Great for slapping on after a long day at work!

I love them! They do indeed look perfect for a Sunday. I'm amazed that you nonchalantly 'modified them to sit low'. My heart climbs into my mout whenever I look at sewing pattern pieces! I love the pockets on my pyjamas - which I also wear on Sundays! They are perfect for keeping in a hankie in, or a few stitch markers

Ooooooo... I am so jealous!! Those are not just great pants - they're fun pants!! Congratulations - they're wonderful!

Oh, those are adorable. I'm going to have to find that patten and make some for myself. You're becoming quite the seamstress.

Those are just the cutest! I have to say that you're inspiring me to drag out the sewing machine.

So cute and practical!

Oh I love that fabric!!

Cute pants! You could practically wear those out...need to make note of that pattern...

Oh, fabulous pj pants!! I love the print.

Love love love them! Every girl needs a luxurious pair of pajama pants to lounge in.

Brilliant! I'm so behind on my blog reading again, but just had to say. Love the fabric and look.

Those are great pants! I'll have to try that pattern :)

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