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June 13, 2006

the right kind of yellow


have you ever been through a phase of obsession? you must. for me, knitting is one, sewing... is another. but i am finding myself obsessing over citrus tones lately. i took hege's advice (you can always, always trust this norwegian girl) and went by intown quilters. the moment i walked in... i was in the fabric heaven! can't help but to curse myself for putting the visit off until last friday.

this softest yellow from kaffe fassett is going to be my first sewing project for a dress. a floaty, banana republic wannabe dress. yellow is so summer, so quaint and friendly. i love yellow so much that i am actually enjoying eating it. succulent oranges, exotic mangos, pina colada, coucous... even the most delicious sauvignon blanc from my adopted homeland. fabulous.

i washed the fabric this weekend, 100% cotton crumbled up pretty nicely... it is wrinkly in a cute way. i love it. the cotton was sheer and just the right thread count. but mostly, it feels soft. i love thie yellow fabric and i think it pairs sooo well with rowan's blue peony print, don't you agree?

i am not sure what the blue floral print is going to be, a wrap dress? a halter top? hmm... i may need to toss a coin.

today, i also came across camila engman's blog. she is an artist to me. an artist who has so fully incorporated her passion into her life, a stage that i aspired to be and can never reach. what do i want to be? with all these obsessions about knitting and sewing? am i just being carry away by the wave of popular culture?

i'm not sure. are you? do you know what you want out of your passion? some have chosen to be a designer, spinner or dyer. some may be just happily doing what others do, some, may precipiate towards the bottom of the lake.

i am still figuring it out. but one thing i can be sure of is that knitting and sewing have given me so much joy, they have the spotlight of my life right now and i'm not ready to give that up.


You found your perfect fabric and I'm sure your dress will turn out fabulous.

I think the floral print would make a lovely top. Enjoyed reading the questions you posed about art/knitting/sewing/life. Balancing these things, while staying focused (and trying to figure out what exactly I want from it all) is frequently on my mind.

Those fabrics are sooooo gorgeous! I'm sure you will create lovely items.
Knitting and sewing have given me a lot of joy. I don't quite know where I want to go with it, so I'm just trying to enjoy it one project at a time.

Those fabrics are fabulous! Your dress will turn out beautiful!

Love the blue floral print fabric! It'll be a cute top or a dress, whichever you decide to make. When you purchase fabric without having a definite plan for it in mind, how much do you usually buy? I'm curious because I'm planning to go on a fabric shopping trip soon myself.

The blue peony fabric is so gorgeous, and would make a beautiful top. I think that knitting and sewing make a wonderful contribution to my life, and keep me happy. Without them I would go nuts I think, so they are a must have.

I love the Japanese inspired peony fabric! The two look great together, maybe you will combine them into one "ensemble"?. You are very good about staying focused, and making something good out of your obsessions :) Can't wait to see what you make with these two.

I also vote for a top out of the blue fabric - and that yellow is great for a dress. I'm glad you found the cotton you wanted.

And I'm with you - I don't know what I want to do - if anything - with my passion for knitting, but it's really one place in my life I don't feel driven to have to DO something - to make it into something bigger better or more. It just gets to be what it is, and that is just perfect.

I love your fabric. I wish I could sew but I haven't learned yet. I do sometimes wonder when my obsession with knitting will die down but sometimes I think that it won't. Who knows? I am just riding the wave while it lasts because it makes me so happy.

Gorgeous fabrics Blossom! Does it really matter why, as long as you really enjoy knitting and sewing, I think it is the main thing. Make the most of your creativity and enjoy! I am looking forward to seeing this gorgeous yellow dress!

I feel the same way! I am trying to figure out where this passion will take me... it is like I need more time to explore it fully - but other life things get in the way (like my JOB!)

Beautiful fabrics, Blossom! I am so happy to hear that you found a quality fabric store!

I am passionate about knitting, although I don't know that I would say it my passion. I don't think I would chose to make a career of knitting or designing knitwear. Having worked in the sales end of a large design house, I learned quickly that most of the designers where rather stifled by the "desgin process" at such a place. Still, it's rather a nice notion to think of making a living by creating things.

That's a gorgeous yellow, it'll make a very pretty dress. So far, knitting has been my favorite hobby. It's just so enjoyable. I don't think I had a real hobby before I started knitting. Most of my inspiration come from other knit bloggers.

I sometimes feel like I'm caught up in the wave of popular culture too. And also like I'm really influenced by reading blogs. I love to knit and sew and be crafty and creative in general and I always have. But lately i feel sort of pulled in every direction. But at the same time I know where my passion lies but that's in the same realm of creativity to me so I still feel it's connected to me in the same way that my craftiness is. But you didn't ask me to ramble on = ).

Gorgeous fabric and you always write about your thoughts in such a way that I really feel connected. Thanks.

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