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July 31, 2006

cape cod

i am not sure if you have ever read the book "garden of eden" by ernest hemingway, a story about an american writer and his bride honeymooning in the south of france and spain. it was a good story, provocative, but good.

when i was visiting hege last week. i thought of this book. how hemingway describes french riviera made me think of cape cod. it is like a fisherman's village. the quaintness is so new england.

i love the light houses, love the field of purple flower i saw in woods hole, and the beach. that place was so peaceful i could cry. sitting in the village, i can smell the sea.


it has been so long since i was surrounded by boats. cape cod has lots of beautiful sailboats and yachts. how typical can this be? a perfect scene.


i still remember the warmth of the sand on my toes, that day, it was just the two of us on the beach. we were embraced by the view of deep emerald sea, sporadic sail boats, sounds of the waves. i was floating in the sea, looking up to a cloudless sky. can you imagine?


i brought back memories. these little quartz rocks were shaped small enough for my pocket. they are out of their natural habitat. without the ocean, they lost their luster. i'm keeping them alive in water, which is the least i can do.

then of course, there was food. the lobster, the clambake, i can never have enough.

i have probably said it somewhere, it is always the people that made you think of a place fondly, i love cape cod because of hege.


Good to hear you had a great time. Nice souvenirs.

Lovely pictures. Now you make me feel like taking a mini vacation too. Glad you had such a great time. Did you wear pretty cornflower to the beach :)

Put the little stones in sea water (if you can get any), that way may help to alleviate their homesickness. :)

Oh! Such a beautiful entry. :) We moved away from New England to the midwest in 2003... I still cry about it! I love love love Cape Cod and so many more special places. :) Thanks for sharing your entry!

You write in such a way that I can actually imagine the wonder of it all. I'm glad you had such a great time.

awww, beautiful post! glad you had a good time (not that i'm surprised at all ;-))

It sounds lovely through your words and pictures.

Aawww, you are so sweet. :) Come anytime!

Wha a lovely idea, keeping your rocks "alive" in water. It is amazing the beautiful colors and the depth of tone that water brings out in things, isn't it?

Sounds like a wonderful visit to a beautiful place!

How lovely. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and this entry is special to me today. It's my 8th wedding anniversary and we went to Hyannisport for our honeymoon. I should be drinking a bloody mary and eating littlenecks right now!

Oh the beautiful Cape, with the wind and the waves, and of course the lovely Hege, love the bowl of stones.

Sounds wonderful - you make me crave the ocean!

I just discovered your blog and was surprised to see a picture of Wood's Hole! I work at a coffee shop there, and I totally know why you love it so much. :)

Such a poetic post. It makes me want to read Hemingway by the sea.

Cape Cod is wonderful. My husband and I try to visit several times a year, in all the different seasons, and no matter when we're there, it is always so beautiful. I'm glad you got to experience it!