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July 20, 2006

falling behind

i was traveling to washington dc for business the past few days, what an exhausting trip! i did not have time to mix business with pleasure, only some obligatory scenes of the place:

an iron fence separating the lively demonstration on penn. avenue and the serene white house

capital hill can be an interesting place, wish i had more time to explore.

i was really happy to read all of the comments from you about my top. i've worn it to work already but nobody said anything, they probably think i bought it. this silence from others is really a compliment to me, strangely. i am glad that my friends no longer look at me and said "did you make this"!!


i thought i'd knit a lot during my trip, but i had only managed to cast on and knit the second lemon tree sock. my cornflower tunic is close to finish and it looks like i may be able to wear it to cape cod next week, as i had planned from the beginning. lovely!


Have fun on your trip, can't wait to see the cornflower top.

Have a great time away - looking forward to the cornflower FO photos! I love the colourway of that yarn - so happy.

All business and no fun! :( Your next trip will be better ;)

I love the colors in your sock. Cape Cod is wonderful -- have a great time!!!

Glad to see you made it home safely. Too bad we could not meetup this time, but there is always next time! Sorry you had to deal with the sweltering heat!

Cape Cod? oh am I jealous! :) Have a great time!

You've certainly been busy. I still love that sock and I can not wait to see the cornflower tunic.

Looking forward to see cornflower tunic :)

OMG. I am knitting the EXACT same socks! How weird!

Yes, it's a dilemma, isn't it? When you wear something you made you want people to know so you can be proud of it, but if they ask you're instantly suspicious that they're asking because the think it looks shoddy. I know that dilemma well.

I think you're right to take their silence as a compliment, anyway. Since they know you knit (I presume), if they thought it looked anything other than professionally made, they'd have asked.

the sock ribbing looks very stretchy. What technique did you use?

OH how I love the sock colorway. Just brilliant

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