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July 22, 2006

more time

while i was at the DC meeting, i kept thinking why on earth have i not knit myself a light weight sweater like this, this or this... so can stay warm in the air conditioned room and still look business appropriate.

time, i need more of it. i have not been very productive as far as knitting goes. but really, i have great intentions to make some lovely looking tops this summer. like my butterfly, i did not touch it for almost six months. same with sewing, i now have all the fabrics and patterns to make several skirts and dresses, yet i am struggling to balance work, life, fun, cooking and exercise all in one little confined timeframe. aren't we all victims of not having enough time to do everything we want to.

still, though, there has been a period of my life when i was jobless. i had all the time in the world but my motivation to do anything other than being a couch potato was non-existent. it seems to me that life is all about having contrasts, a vacation is only attractive when it involves a job, a duty or a responsibility. a desire is only there when you can not freely explore life.

bleh, bleh, bleh... it is the third weekend in the row that i had to pop in the lab to handle my work. i'm off now to hang out with my girlfriend and then to the mall. if i do find a light weight sweater there please do not think that i've betrayed my knitting. thanks girls!


I know exactly what you're saying, and I often feel the same way. For some reason I'm able to be super-productive at work and really creative at the same time right now, but the intersection of the two is a rare and precious blip on the screen of my life. I hope that the mall is fabulous. Shopping can be excellent therapy!

I too know exactly what you mean. There are so many things I want to do, too many things I need to do...not enough time for everything. Enjoy the trip to the mall and the time with your girlfriend. The balance should tip back to being less busy soon (I hope).

There are times like that and you don't need to apologize or justify yourself... One day soon the need to create will take over again... For the time being, enjoy the present as it is...

I think you have it exactly right. Having lots of interests filling our lives seems to breed more activity and interests. And part of the joy of any hobby is the fact that it's done during leisure time -- itself a joy.

That said, I hope you find yourself some more time soon! This summer seems to be busy for everyone in the blogosphere, myself included. I'm looking forward to November. :)

How strange! I wrote about not having time as well. I think there's definately some sort of crafting time crunch occurring.

Oh Blossom, I'm at a similar spot right now, taking a blogging break and doing all sorts of things, very little knitting or sewing, but it feels right, for me, for now. So I hope you're enjoying your lab work, cooking, exercising, shopping or even just plain doing nothing at all :)

I think we're all right there with you on that feeling! So many times, I just daydream having the house all to myself (sans kids and husband). When I finally get my wish, I wander around the house wondering when they'll get back! BTW, I have been lusting over the Kim Hargreaves Maggie pattern for a while. I just love its simplicity. The Cherry pattern is beautiful, too. Can't wait to see which you choose.