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July 23, 2006

summer blue, like cornflower blue


knit project: rebecca 29 - conflower tunic (blue tunic dress)
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
size: smallest (32-34 in)
yarn: 100% linen yarn from joujouka
knitting specs: US 6 cir.

i love linen. it is quintessential for summer.

pattern for my cornflower tunic was a combination of rebecca 29's dress and the silk cami from LMKG. i wanted a sexy little slip-on that i can wear to the pool or sea side. perhaps with a cami, a pair of white, flare linen pants and leather, bohemic flats, too. corflower tunic has successfully fulfilled my desire for such wardrobe. bliss.

i have not washed the dress yet so hopefully the lousy grafting of these wispy straps won't fall off when i do.


come to think of it, my straw hat goes with the dress as well. when the time is right, everything seems to just match up perfectly.

fits wonderfully, too!

summer is soft hence sepia tone is much better than black & white


Gorgeous! So delicate and lovely and well-fitting! Enjoy wearing it!

Wow! That is a GORGEOUS FO, and I'm not one given to using caps ;)

Very chic & sexy! Perfect for poolside or beach wear.

Absolutely amazing! I think my jaw literally dropped!

it's lovely! and looks so cool, just perfect for summer days at the beach. looks great on you too. :0) x

So beautiful and delicate. Great job.

sexy! perfect for the beach

it looks fabulous! Perfect for a summer as hot as this one.

It's beautiful! Tres chic for wearing around the cafes in Virginia Highlands. What a wonderful job combining two patterns!

how lovely! that is great!

Wow!! how lovely and sexy :>
I am glad to have sent this yarn for you!!

oh la la! it's gorgeous!

Oh, that is so airy and delicate! perfect for what you were after -I can just see you in the white pants and the flip flops, strolling on a beach. :)

Gorgeous. It is fabulous and you look marvelous in it. You'll have to get a picture of it on your vacation w/ your straw hat.

So cute! The perfect summertime cover-up!

So lovely, the linen must feel so nice on a hot day!

Your dress look gorgeous, and you always make such beautiful items. I love the color too.

very nice! What a great summer project!

That is absolutely incredible. I must have one!

Great job! I don't think I would have the patience for all that stockinette. But maybe if I enjoyed the yarn.

It's simple lines makes it so beautiful. Another gorgeous knit, Blossom!


that's gorgeous!! perfect for the summer.

Just beautiful! I have not tried linen, but I would love too. Definitely perfect for summer. Another great project, Blossom! :)

Blossom - that is BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks phenomenal on you - and you did such a gorgeous job with it!! Brava!!!

It's gorgeous!

Absolutely stunning! Looks like I could use one in Singapore too!

Beautiful! Nice work.
If you end up being not happy with the straps, I just read in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book last night a pattern for their own little linen night dress (looks similar to yours), but they used purchased adjustable bra straps (in both lavender and cornflower blue colors for the two different nightie versions they knit). If you find your own straps slipping, you may want to check out what they did in their book (pages 50-51).

It looks great on you! Love that color. Enjoy wearing it!

Wow! Beautiful, beautiful, and more beautiful. What a great dress - you look lovely.

Ooh, that just breathes summer. It would be wonderful as a bathing suit cover up by the pool, along with your hat! Or of course any number of other ways. What a lovely, versatile FO!