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August 21, 2006

camping cats


cats were bored in this house. my husband built a kitty fort for them last week, they were digging it completely. a fort built with couch pillows can last up to two days. we always have to find ways to please/entertain our cats. they were so used to being outside. do any of you walk your cats? perhaps we should try that.



pattern: butterick B4461
difficulty (1-5): 1.2
pattern size: 12
fabric: 1.5 yd of alexander henry's screenprint in melrose, 7" zipper, double fold bias tape

sewing for my sister continues. here's item #2- an a-lined skirt with robert kaufman's fabric. i like it. it fits me, too. i need to find a better way to sew the interfacings prettier. i hope my sister wouldn't mind a less than perfect job. handmade items always have characters, she should know!

close up


The kitty fort is great, they look so cozy in there. I should build one for our cat, he loves plastic and tries to climb into every plastic bag we leave around, so we can never leave any around.
Cute skirt too, I love the blue bias tape, it gives it a good finish.

Kitty DVDs! My cat's love them. Hours of entertainment. I also put up a bunch of birdfeeders in the trees right outside the windows and have kitty beds for them to sit in while they watch the birds. The squirrels come too, and that is the height of entertainment!

Cat fort -- what a great idea! My fiance wants to turn my cats into semi-outdoor cats b/c he thinks they need stimulation, but as this is NOT going to happen, forts are a good plan. Goodness knows they like hanging out under not-quite-dry laundry around the house.
In sewing news, my mother just gave me a sewing machine (been hand sewing very infrequently up to now) b/c I have been so inspired by your projects. Plus I can finally attempt steeking!

Gorgeous skirt. I love that fabric!

Our cat finds all sorts of places to hide inside and outside. The skirt is so pretty.

It's so sweet that you do that for the cats - I'm sure they love it. Our cats stay indoors most of the time, but we have trained them to stay on the deck with us when we sit out there. They are very good and stay close to us in order to be outside.

The skirt is very pretty. I love the Japanese craft books below, too.

what a cute skirt! love it!

Hee, kitty fort!

I walked my cat until I turned her into a semi-outside cat. They sell little harnesses with leashes attached, and she at first would just throw herself down and wriggle, then got used to it. The only problem was that it took some patience and time. She was also quite young, less than six months old, so it's possible you really can't teach it to an older cat.

But try! Cats on leashes are adorable. :)

Wow, that's a beautiful skirt! What a good sister you are :)

So cute!! I love the fabric and the blue bias tape.

We kept our two cats inside for a few months. It was bird flu related - they are fierce hunters and there had been a few cases where cats had become infected. Both of them turned into absoulte pests. They were bored, they were whinging all the time, they were following us everywhere... In the end we caved and they are now going outside again. The compromise we made was that we lock them in at night, because that's when they used to do most of their hunting. It gives the birds in the neighbourhood a chance too! ;-) If you can't let yours out anymore, cat walking might be a good idea. A friend of mine does that, and his cat is very much looking forward to his daily walk!

Kitty fort! What a clever idea. I don't walk my cats as they're way to crazy for that but I've noticed a couple who live in one of the townhouses behind mine will take their cats out on long leads and just sit on the steps and let them play. That seems to work well for their cats as far as I can tell.

Oh I really like that fabric!

I recently adopted a cat who's a year old and must have been an outdoor cat in his previous home. He absolutely loves going outside on a harness and leash; I think we were out for two hours this weekend. My original two cats, who have always been indoor-only will go out but they can take it or leave it for the most part.

Ours love forts too.

Love the skirt - that fabric is lovely!

hee hee kitty fort is cute! we made a box hidey hole for our cats once: took a big box, cut a small (the smaller the better) entry hole on one side, and placed the box upside down over soft towels. they immediately squeezed themselves in and that was their new hangout.

My aunt always walked her cat on a leash. In fact it was a leash she crocheted out of cotton. Just know that cats aren't like dogs on a leash. They don't pull and run ahead. Mainly they stalk things and look around a lot.

Great skirt, and GRRREeeat fabric!

Okay, you have been one busy sewing bee! The dress is so gorgeous on you.. and can't tell you enough. The other skirts are great and I think your sister will love hers :)

Ha- my kids like to make forts like that, too. : )
The skirt is really cute - love the fabric!