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August 09, 2006

cherry bomb dress


pattern: new look 6459
difficulty (1-5): 2
pattern size: 10 (modified to 8)
fabric: 1.25 yd of chloe's closet fabric in retro cherries and apples, acetate lining fabric, 14" zipper, double fold bias tape

my cherry bomb dress. the name exudes nothing but raciness, yet with its style and fabric, i see a duly 50's wife so vividly in myself. but finally, i have completed a dress.

fabric cutting, measuring and fitting were all done with hege while in cape cod. she had taught me some useful tidbits about sewing which enabled me to accomplish a great fitting dress. i am still struggling with the size though, with different pattern brands and styles. for this particular pattern, i could have made size 8 without much fudging around. but as always, i would rather make it bigger than smaller... cut less than more (always keeping the lobster pants experience in mind...) and always use a ruler.

patience. that was another thing i need to work on. i tend to rush through a sewing project without paying detailed attentions to seam lines, zipper installation, hemming... you know, those details have little to do with fitting, but speak loudly of the craftsmanship, the working style and attention to detail of its maker. i, as an amateur seamstress wannabe, will practice my patience and skills which will hopefully push my craft to a state of art in the end.

one can always dream. definitely.

a close up, but ignore the cat

so this a-line dress was very comfortable to wear and i wore it to work today. so perfect for this southern city. the red shoulder straps are actually bias tape (can you tell?). initially i wanted to use silk (and had already bought some scarlet red silk fabric for it) but was afraid it may be too flimsy. so bias tape it is. hemming with bias tape was also something i am glad i did. the color red frames the dress well and picks up the cherries and apples in the fabric. of course, soulemama's bias tape hemming had a profound impact on my modification. she was a genius!

love, love, love this dress. and i rarely wear dresses. rarely. i can count how many times i've worn a dress with one hand. now that i have the skills to make my own dresses. things will be different.

sewing selfishly for self will end with my cherry bomb. at least for a while. next few projects will be for sister and husband. possibly my cute little chubby niece.


Gorgeous!!! Fits you so wonderfully, and the pattern is a delight for the eyes! Enjoy!

Blossom, it looks fabulous on you! It fits great and the fabric is super-cute. Very inspiring.

Love the name of your dress. You did a great job, both in terms of fit and finishing.

This dress is too cute!! I love it!

sometimes, in the past, i've had trouble believing my numbers ... in terms of measurements. but, with the beauty of multi-size patterns, i could trim my pattern for my (pattern) size 12 bust and 14 hips. your dress looks like a success!

It is so great. Wish I knew something about sewing! Can't wait to see more in the future:)

Great dress! Perfect for the summer, too!

very pretty summer dress and it looks terrific on you. The cat in the background gives the pic character!

Looks like a very good fit for you. Beautiful fabric also.

Wow, Blossom, you look so beautiful in your new dress! What a gorgeous dress, well done! I wish I knew how to sew, but I don't even own a sewing machine.

Love yr dress and it looks nice on you. I wish I can sew a dress in someday, but now I start with a shirt for it is more simple.

Great job!

It's a beautiful dress! The red straps and hem is a wonderful detail. Looks great on you, enjoy wearing it!

what a perfect summer dress! great job!

Beautiful! Looks like it fits great. What a great idea on the straps, too! Did you have to double the tape?

That looks fantastic on you! The pattern and the fabric go together perfectly, great job!

Beautiful dress! You look lovely, and the sewing looks well done.

Wow,it looks fantastic on you! I think the fabric fits the pattern, great job!!

This dress is gorgeous, love the style, the fabric, the fitting - simply everything. I am reading your blog now for several weeks and I like the things you are making very much. I am also a knitter and sometimes I try to sew, but never dare to make clothes, just some simple bags or so. And this dress is topping it all - you look great in it, enjoy it very often.
Greetings from Germany,

Wow very pretty! You look great in it, Blossom. I love the pink strap/hem you added to the skirt.

Gorgeous. You look lovely in it.

I love this fabric! This is THE perfect summer dress and it suits you to perfection. You are right about patience though... Take your time and you'll save it in the end.

What a perfect summer dress. It looks great on you.

Amazing! I still dont' think I could sew a dress that would actually fit me correctly!


It looks beautiful on you! Congratulations on such a sucessful sewing project.

The dress looks beautiful! And the red accents are perfect! Very nice work!

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