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August 17, 2006

craft book excerpt

right to left: isbn 4579110250, 4579110439, 4579110544 & 4309280463

more japanese craft books to share. this round of collection is for sewing, ranging from clean designs using cotton and linen for adult and children, to reconstruction of existing garments. i love most of them.

excerpts from these books:

isbn 4579110250: this is a pretty interesting book. i don't necessarily find all of the projects appealing, but, they do provide a lot of inspiration. i'd say it's the kind of book that guides you towards a self-defined style through garment reconstruction, as well as showing you the concept of "thinking outside the box"!

a wrap skirt from a couple silk scarves...

combined a sweater and a dress skirt together...

two t-shirts into one dolly dress

isbn 4579110439: this book comes with patterns. and it is probably one of my favorite sewing books so far. so many wearable, simple and classy designs. some by tsukiori yoshiko. to me, she is the japanese version of amy butler. i would love to make all of the tops and dresses featured in this book, if summer is long enough for me to wear all of them this year.

a simple linen top...

the most gorgeous linen tunic i've seen this season...

and, tell me this top looks just like amy's cabo halter!

isbn 4579110439: a little girl's wardrobe entirely designed by tsukiori yoshiko. also comes with patterns. you will totally fall in love with not only the design/layout of this book but also this little girl. she is the most precious thing! i love everything about this book. soon, i'll be making some of the dresses/tops for my little niece.

cute linen dress with flower details...

a whole outfit in simple coordinated pattern, so cute!!

head scarf, little vest with fabric buttons and a gingham fabric cat toy

isbn 4309280463: this book features more items that can be worn more than one ways. interesting, like the first book. some are probably a bit out there. my love for it is a little selective.

wear it as a dress or a long skirt...

as a skirt or a top


oh, I absolutely love the last book!!! Thanks for showing those excerpts, they're great inspiration.

Thank you for sharing some of the highlights. I love the white dolly dress. Where did you get these books?

Have fun with all those wonderful projects. You'll make them really nice.

I adore your craft books... if a person who's no where near understanding the japanese language should want to work a pattern from them, what do you suggest?? (i'm thinking about your handbag from a long ago post)

Beautiful photos, beautiful projects! I love all this trend towards the Japanese craft books, but am completely intimidated by the thought of trying to use one :0)

The tunic is lovely. All clean but interesting designs-makes me wish I could sew.

wow, it is good choice!! I have -439 and -544,too.
I was inspired by them. If I have so many time, I'd like to make allllll..... :>

Some great books- gorgeous styling always makes for great inspiration! they look like pretty simple patterns, which is nice too.

Those books have some gorgeous patterns in them. I love the second and third books. I will wait eagerly to see what you make your niece.

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