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August 25, 2006

iris bolero

precious jewelry made by amilia

handmade jewelry are just as precious as handknit sweaters. they are made with love. amilia, an old friend of mine from singapore, made some gorgeous earrings and necklace for me. just because. i love them! granted that i was never a jewelry person, i do find these addictively attractive.

beginning of iris

in return, i have started the promised iris bolero from rowan. it is color armour, red like ruby. rowan's calmer is so soft and delicate. it brings back memories of my making of audrey. i love that sweater still and am looking forward to wearing it this fall.

i am not quite sure what i'll do for the bolero closure. i think a handmade fabric flower brooch sounds pretty good. if i can make one pretty like this on molly's tutorials.

i must have touched a knitting nerve, lately i'm quite motivated to start some winter projects. it will consist some bulky sweaters for myself, a couple for my husband. and hopefully i'll even make some socks for parents in law this christmas.

and to my surprise, i did not expect so many of your responses regarding my bored cats.

the love of their lives

these cats used to be wild, we tamed them, now two of them live with us in an apartment. however, cats are still bored, they are better but sometimes still do silly things to entertain themselves. i didn't think they would be of any interest to others. what do i know. they are here to be loved.


Those are really funny pictures of the cats:) Beautiful jewelry, too, I love the turquoise! What a great friend! She'll be so happy with the Iris bolero.

It seems like a lovely swap with your friend! I like the jewelry a lot, and I am sure she will love the bolero. Can't wait to see more of the wintery sweaters you have planned!

It's nice to see your iris progress. Your friend will love it. Looking forward to seeing your winter knits.

That's a great shrug! Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for your winter knitting :0)

Bloss, I really like the way you take pics of the accessories that I gave you. Glad you like them. You should check out my blog or my online shop to see my new stuff :o) Can't wait to see my shrug! Thanks pal!

Gorgeous jewelry. I have a long standing love of jewelry, much to Travis' dismay :-) Iris looks lovely and the cats are hilarious.

Nice jewelry!
I`m looking forwards to see how your Norwegian Stockings turn out!
I`m not sure i get how you knit socks on the round pins? It looks hard, is it?

Siri / Norway

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