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September 17, 2006

seattle's rain

i'm traveling from the sunny south to seattle for a scientific conference today. the city that is so beautiful in my mind will finally come alive in my eyes. don't be shy to say hi if you see me there.

before i bring back pictures of seattle's rain and seattle's coffee, here's the progress shot of iris:


and the last installment of sister's kimono top. i can't wait to see them on her.


The kimono top looks excellent! I like the red trim. Now whenever I hear the words Cherry Bomb (surprisingly often, whether songs or sweets) I always think of your dress from this fabric :)
I love the red Iris. You always take such beautiful pictures! Maybe Cherry Bomb Kimono needs it's own Iris... ssshhh ;)

Your knitting looks to be beautiful as always! Plus, I'm supremely jealous that you're going to Seattle. Even in the rain that city is really, REALLY gorgeous, and just a wonderful place to be in.

Pretty knitting! Hope you have a great trip!

They both look great! The cherry fabric is gorgeous.

so cute. i like what you make.

I hope you're having a great time. And I love Iris - such a great color.

Have a wonderful time in Seattle and snap lots of pictures.

I've always wanted to visit Seattle, maybe I will one day, meanwhile I look forward to seeing your photographs. That pink is the perfect shade to brighten up a rather dreary day over here and the kimono top is lovely, such a great print, I'm sure your sister will be delighted.

Hi... welcome to rainy Seattle, I live in Seattle for 6 years and I love it. We e-mailed each other asking blocking pad & alexander henry fabrics. Enjoy the trip.

I love the cherry red color. So pretty!

i live in seattle. if you need a dinner recommendation or directions, feel free to ask!

I love the yarn color - so rich and pretty! The kimono top looks great.....

How funny... I was at the SBS there! Did you go?