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September 07, 2006


silence in blogging often tranlates into hectic schedules in real life. i have been quite productive doing my craft but i haven't been able to find time to write something decent. iris bolero's back piece was finished couple weeks ago. i am half way through making another kimono top for my sister. this weekend, i finished amy butler's intown bag for a friend. she was dragged to the fabric store by me and on a whim saw some japanese inspired prints, hence, the bag!

i like the bag, so cute. can't wait to show it to you, after the recipient opens up the package.

piles of yarns i ordered are here. they will be sweaters for my husband, and for myself. this is my crafting priorities so far:

1) finish kimono top
2) finish iris bolero
3) finish lemon tree socks
4) start sweater #1 for husband
5) pick up butterfly and finish before winter

let's see how well this list goes in a couple months.

i'll be traveling again soon, maybe i will find time to write again before then.


I'm glad you're busy and I can't wait to see all your progress and finished photos.

I've missed you, blossom! I hope you'll find time to blog here and there, but I know what it is like to be busy. Oh, I have two books for you: Bruce Chatwin, On the Balck Hill and Harriet Doerr, Stones for Ibarra. I will just leave you recommendations as they come to me. These are beautiful books. If you read them, I hope that you love them.

Sounds like you made a lot of nice things. It's great to hear that you bought a lot of yarn. I hope you'll find more free time for yourself soon.

I had forgotten about your Butterfly in progress! I do hope you'll finish it one day. I am looking forward to seeing your Intown bag...

Love the colors for the lemon tree sock-can't wait to see a pair.

What, you haven't finished your sock yet? :) Butterfly is perfect for winter in Atlanta, can't wait to see it.

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