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September 08, 2006

yarn candy friday

purly has lots of great ideas, she came up with "eye candy friday"- pictures of gorgeous things. i have none of those here. instead, i have pictures of previously promised intown bag, and sweater projects for this fall.

i'm hoping my friend would not check my post this weekend to find out about her bag, her amy butler's intown bag.

purple japanese print fabric lined with kaffe fassett's cotton

it is surprising how lovely these two tones of colors look together. kaffe fassett's cotton has lots of depth, the green you see here is actually a combination of blue and gold threads. so amazing. i modified the pattern and added a magnet snap. now, let's hope this girl likes it. she is not a crafter whatsoever, i sure hope she appreciates hand crafted goods.



i'm making a couple sweaters for husband this fall (finally, he says!). this is lars from rowan36. i found some cheap rowan's plaid here, among other things.

reglan sweater_2.jpg

the second one is LMKG's zipped cardi. the original pattern shows in variegated brown.


husband is obviously in a phase of warm color tones, he requested his in this deep orange color. i found another bag of rowanspun on sale. i love this yarn, can't wait to knit with it again.

i'm thinking of using brown zipper to maintain the contrast. who can suggest a good site for zippers. i want the kind joelle hoverson used with a little loop.


for me, i am finally going to make roxie!!

roxie from rowan's big just got bigger, i'm making it in color temper

let's just hope i won't look like a grizzly when wearing it.


completely non-knitting related topic: i learned about this website from one of y'all crafters, now i'm hooked!!! here's what i bought and finally came.


a cardigan in a bag! how cute!! the instruction says to create the crinkled effect, i must store the cardi twisted in the provided bag.

i love it.


Try zipperstop.com. I've ordered from them a few times and they ship fast. The downside is that if you only buy 1 zipper, the shipping costs more than the zipper itself.

The bag is just lovely, so smart and beautiful fabric choices. Did it take a long time? I really want to make one of these now.

You have a great lineup. Love the yarn choice for husband's zipper cardigan!

lovely projects. lovely bag. but thanks the most for linking to the Boden web site... I'm impressed with their stuff.

Blossom, the bag is beautiful! I absolutely love the way you did it! Such a great diagonal design with the beautiful flowers, you did a beautiful job. It's the best bag ever.
I love the Plaid yarn, that's awesome. You have quite a great list of projects for fall! And thanks for the link, that'a great website.

Oh I love Boden! I was bummed because they don't sell gift certs, though (at least at christmas they didn't. maybe they've wised up now). That is awesome that your hubby will wear colors! I would knit for my bf but he refuses to wear anything other than black. And I think your Roxie will look rockin'. What is the edging made of, more of the same yarn or something different?

The intown bag is gorgeous! Love the size and print.

That fabric is so beautiful. What a cool bag, your friend will love it. Those are nice sweaters for your husband, I'm so looking forward to all those knitting you'll be doing. And Roxie's nice, too.

Beautiful bag! And, love all your future sweaters :) You should see how many I have planned. TOO MANY! I still have to finish the zipper on my lmkg cardigan for Scott, but expect to see it soon! I just checked out Boden.. cool, cool, cool. Thanks for the tip :)

Beautiful bag!
Your hubby picked some great colors for his sweaters, I especially loove that Rowanspun. I can almost feel the softness through the screen...really makes me want to get some too.

I ditto the recommendation for zipperstop.com. You can even send them yarn swatches and they'll find the best match for you. Shipping was a little pricey though.

Sweater (s) plural for your husband. Wow. Ambitious. I ought to do the same actually. But it will be a simple top down design.

Oh, I love Boden! I'm wearing one of their jackets right now. Zipperstop is great - I have their sample cards, which is a big help when you're trying for an exact match, but I like the idea of brown with the red (one of my favorite color combos).

The bag is *so* lovely, Blossom!! Great job!

Hi Blossom,
Just looking at your lovely creations made me feel so ashamed.. for example, most of the time I still go around with my free backpacks from triathlon races... :P

That bag rocks! I'm not much of a bag person AT ALL, but I absolutely love that one. You did a beautiful job with it -- it looks very professional.

My husband is also a fan of the LMKG cardigan. Can't wait to see how it comes out!

The intown bag is beautiful!! and love all your fall projects ;>

Your Amy Butler bag came out really great.

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