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October 31, 2006

beneath the suit...


every action hero has an alter ego


beneath the suit.... there you find a knitter. happy halloween!

(photogragphy by husband, batgirl suit, not by me)


you kick ass!

You look amazing, B! Great costume ;)

That's awesome!

Ahhh! So cute! I love it! How did you do that polaroid collage?

What a great costume!!!!!

You are having too much fun! :) Great costume as usual!

Kick Ass costume... you are the best bat girl I have ever seen...

Holy Knitting Needles Batman, that's one fantastic costume!

you are totally my hero! ;-) that's soo bat-tastic!

Awesome costume!

You look awesome! What a great costume, and what great photos!!

Great costume. You look like you could kick some serious butt. Happy Halloween!

So cool! You look awesome!

Great costume and even better photos! Happy Halloween.

wow, you're the most bad-ass Bat Girl I've ever seen! Awesome!

Look at you bat woman! You rock! Have a very, very Happy Halloween.

wow..that's so cool!

you look fantastic! i wouldnt want to take on batgirl in a hurry!

Fabulous! Did you take some knitting needles and black yarn with you?

Yay! Go kick some bad guys' asses!

Too freaking cool!

Yaay! I love halloween!

Wow you look fantastic. Wish I had your figure, then I could dress up like that too. Hope you had a great Halloween.

Best. Costume. Ever. I bet no one messes with you when you're wearing that. You look like you could kick some serious ass!

I KNEW there was something about you! You are one hot batgirl.

You look great in that "costume", or is it?

Taiwanese girl always looks pretty and great!

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