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October 12, 2006

knitting grey


can you see the little beads here? they are glass beads from japan. i found them in this little bead shop in helena, alabama. they matched the smoky kidsilk haze pretty well. the only thing about knitting with beads is that you need to push the beads down to pull the threads constantly. it was a tempting entertainment for my cats, they were totally psyched.

my second attempt to make butterfly was definitely a lot better than the tragic first. my progress is much more advanced than the above photo. still, i think the hem is the best part of this whole garment, and the most time-consuming. i intend to find a midnight blue silk cami to layer with butterfly, with black taxedo pants and skinny heels, it should look appropriately chic for a night out in fall.


how about this grey wool socks? nancy bush's railway socks for husband. he totally loves this, especially the striped heels. socktoberfest is still happening here.


yay for butterfly! i'm almost done with mine and it's really a lovely little knit. i've seen folks use a teeny crochet hook to plop the beads onto the yarn as they go instead of having to string a bunch on right at the beginning, but i haven't tried that. (i opted for a beadless butterfly.)

good luck!

Oh yes, the Railway socks are perfect for husbands. I knitted them in grey with green stripes and they fit perfectly well, donĀ“t they?

I like that color a lot for Butterfly!

wow, butterfly in grey with beads! that's gonna look just gorgeous :)

I am so glad you decided to have another go at Butterfly! This colour is gorgeous!

ohhhhh you've just reminded me of my own butterfly, untouched for so many months... i hope you keep up your momentum!

Ooooh, the butterfly is beautiful! And the socks are great, too. :0)

Butterfly is going to be wonderful. I love the smoky gray color livened up with beads. It will look great with tuxedo pants where the satin stripe picks up the shine of the beads... The sock looks great, too, looks very soft and cozy.

Oh, I want that outfit. Sounds simply fabulous. And the socks are great too.

Both items are awesome! Hey, I am getting to ready to start my first pair of men's socks and I don't have the man here to measure. How wide do I need to make them? For a men's size 12?

Your Butterfly looks beautiful so far. I love the beads. Maybe some people won't notice them but you know they are there and that is what makes yours extra special.

That's a really nice color for butterfly. I like those socks, too.

Lovly Lace!!! Looks really great!!!!

LOve your blog too!!!!

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Beautiful lace! Can't wait to see the finished butterfly. You must have visited Bead Biz... i live about 2 miles from their shop :)

My first attempt at the lace edging was a failure, but the second try brought success!! I decided I wouldn't look good in the Cami; it occurred to me the design could be made into a shawl. The diamond lace is the body of the shawl and the butterfly is the edge. I added beads too...it really is beautiful and receives many complements.

I love that bead store in Helena! I live 10 minutes away in Alabaster. How wierd! I always read your blog and had to comment. :)

Oh your Butterfly will be beautiful, it is definitely a labour of love but well worth it. Butterfly is my absolute favourite knit, I made the dress and wear it with jeans normally, I love the gasps I get when I say I made it. You'll be surprised just how quickly it goes once you get going and just keep your eye on the prize. Your colour choice is great.

I love the socks too! Very nice.

i just found your blog. really love all your FO. can not wait to see your finished butterfly

that lace is beautiful! the beads are charming aswell. is that the butterfly pattern?

You are sooooo talented. I love the lacework. The beads set it off perfectly. I wish I knew enough to knit some socks!

hi, I love how your butterfly is turning out! I'm making the same colour so was just googling to see how other people's turned out. What size beads are you using? I was thinking 8/0 because I tried using 11/0 before and they were definitely too small

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