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October 23, 2006

still grey


but i'm making significant progress. husband is eagerly waiting to wear this pair of socks.

also, i can't wait to start a new pair of socks for myself. how about the long neglected norwegian stockings? i think so, too.


Those socks look cozy! I like the striped toes and heels.

Norwegian stockings... yesssssss!

Love the details of the socks with the little stripes, and Norwegian stockings would be great to make, even though I myself would never try anything so hard as that.

Mmmm, those look warm.

He will be so happy with those socks! They look so cozy :) Norwegian Stockings, go for it!

These look great - and so cozy! Those Norwegian Stockings are my dream socks ;)

Yes! The Norwegian Stockings is a great choice. I'm happy you're thinking of knitting it again. Did you use bobbins during your first attempt? Or do you just hold the two colors on both hands or something? Thanks.

They look great - very manly and cozy!

Eventually I'll knit the Norwegian's - have to get my sock-courage up!

As a guy, let me just say kudos on a nice pair of manly socks :) They look so warm and comfy, and perfect for wearing around the house on those cold nights, while drinking coffee and listening to good music. Hmmm, maybe you should let me "test wear" them first...

I love the husband's socks. I also love the butterfly. Some day I will cast on for mine!

Great hubby socks! And the norwegian stockings are so lovely!

They are coming along nicely and look so warm!

Oh, these are going to look gorgeous, I so love the stripey parts! Great!

Nice socks! I love the striped heels and toes.

Very nice socks. I've been rethinking the Norwegian stockings too. Must be something in the air.

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