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October 07, 2006

the fitting

you can never be sure of the fit until she put the clothes on, took the pictures and showed them to you.

love the whole outfit, she said the shoes are from betula!

it looks very american, mary jane-ish, don't you think?

my sister in the clothes i made her a while back! looks like the fit is perfect, even the shorts!!


Wow, those fit great. Amazing job. I thought they were cute before, but now I think they're fabulous.

Blossom! They're wonderful. And the fit is perfect!

Those clothes look so great on your sister, and I especially love the top, so cute. I like your lemon tree socks too, even with the different colored toes.

Very cute!

Those look great Blossom! They're all cute and flattering!

looks great! and it also looks like she enjoys them a lot :)

Congrats on the perfect fit! That's a sewing miracle.

i want to learn how to sew like that! you did a great job, she looks very happy.

Great job, I'm sure she was thrilled! The second top is my fav. The pattern on the fabric is so retro.

They fit so well and your sis looks happy!

Your sister has good reasons to look happy! She's got fabulous new clothes!

Lucky sister! I love the time when my mother sewn me my school uniforms ... always felt well taken care of! :)

Yay. I still love them (maybe more now than before).

So cute, and look how happy your sister is! I wish my sis could sew cute stuff for me, but I'm the one who inherited the crafty gene whereas she got the music gene. Maybe she should serenade me in exchange for the stuff I make her ;-)

They look great! The skirt is fantastic.

She looks so great in her new wardrobe! What a lucky sister! And she looks just like you, too. I love the fabric you picked for the skirt.
I can hardly believe you just got your sewing machine this year, who needs Oilily now? :)

Great job!! blossm, your sis looks very happy :)

Gosh, those clothes are awesome!

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