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October 02, 2006

those untold knitterly things...

i don't like to "knit in public", it is like an instant conversation piece. and if you know me, you know that i hate small talks. knitting to me is a relaxing hobby at home. i love knitting at home, with my familiar surroundings, music and all the accessible resources in my room.

when i fly, i would knit on the plane. a 10-15 hour time slot just calls for knitting. this would be the rare times when my knitting projects leave home.

i don't flaunt that i knit and sew or have a blog. especially in yarn stores or fabric stores. this goes with my philosophy of being a forever low key person (it's weird, i know.)

i don't think continental knitting will ever happen with me. it is so awkward in my hands.

sweaters are my favorite items to knit, they are classic. i sometime think knitting accessories and socks do not qualify as real knitting.

unfinished projects bother me. i tend to keep them at a minimum. i have three of them so far.

i never taught anyone how to knit, i have little patience and i was afraid that my teaching style would overshadow their potential passion for knitting.

my first skein of yarn was bought in a little yarn shop in new zealand. i still remember and still has those yarn in my stash. it reminds me the first time i learned to knit. as well as my life of the time.

i secretly hope that i'll meet my favorite knitting bloggers one day, i suspect we will be great friends.

if i can't decide my whole outfit with a particular knitting pattern, i would not knit it. however beautiful the pattern appears to be. that's why i rarely knit shawls, i don't know how to wear them!


Those are ten knitterly things I did not know about you! Very interesting!

I totally understand about not wanting to knit in public, and not advertising that you knit and sew... sometimes I force myself to KIP only because I don't have a lot of free time, and if I don't knit on the bus, I won't get anything done! Thanks for answering!

Wow! An experienced sweater knitter! I am just finishing my second sweater. The first one isn't wearable. I do enjoy the process though and want to get better at it.

Great post, Blossom! I found myself nodding in agreement with most of your knitterly things...

Yeah, I find a similarity in a lot of your list. Especially the shawl thing. But you know how I get around that if there's a gorgeous shawl I have to make? Gift! Then it's not my problem to work into a wardrobe. Hee!

Socks are not real knitting?! I love to knit sweaters too, but socks are real knitting, girl! :)

Interesting list you put together. Thanks for sharing.

Fun to read. I too like to keep projects to a minimum-but sometimes it's hard to resist the urge to cast on! :)

I actually knit in public so people leave me alone! I can seriously ignore everyone around me and pretend like I'm super concentrated....

Very interesting - thanks for sharing. I would love to meet you in person - I think we'd be great friends. I don't share my blog, but I do knit in public. I don't think I'd get anything done otherwise (I wish I spent more time at home).

What a very interesting list. I like to KIP because I never get enough knitting done at home! And trust me, you really do not get that much attention (thank goodness). I also felt that I have the same teaching style as yours, and have been trying my best to change it.