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November 07, 2006

0.25mm of difference

while we were taking the halloween pictures last weekend, we also took pictures of the finished railway socks (my socktoberfest socks)- they look even more beautiful on feet. the sun was so lovely that afternoon, i also had some progress of my butterfly documented. but why they are not posted, you ask? well, my camera/computer interface screwed up, and one of them ate the pictures.

since then the sun was gone, the rain had started... the winter is approaching.

i started the norwegian stockings last week and was making great progress. until of course when i tried the sock on, it was way to tight. my stitches were so tight and ugly that it was shameful to even show you the pictures (hence no pictures). then i realized that i had been knitting this thing on a size 1 needle all along.

stocking was ripped! the second (or third, if you count the first one) attempt seemed to be better, or much looser. fairisle is a tricky business.

it would be unbearable to write off fair isle for it is the art of knitting. i can't not be good at fair isle, especially after seeing hege's recently finished sweater, and those gorgeous solveig hisdal sweaters she was showing on her blog. and eunny's gorgeous design. gosh, that was a true work of art!

let's hope the weather gets better soon in atlanta.


I feel your pain! I just got done with almost the whole back of a sweater to realize I was using US 7's, not 8's. Shame on me for not swatching, I guess. Can't wait to see the railway socks.

You can do it! We all hit snags in our knitting sometimes. Don't give up and you'll make beautiful fair isle.

Don't worry, everybody messes it up in the beginning. It's hard at first to get the floats right, and paying attention to two colors. You'll get it, I have no doubt about that! Soon you will be making gorgeous fair isle and norwegian sweaters, just like everything else you make!

Fairisle is just tricky business. You'll get it, don't worry! Just like everything else with knitting, practice makes perfect (or so very close!).

Hi Blossom,

Don't think I will be able to meet you in HK early next year cos' I'll be starting my new job with GSK. I won't be able to take leave for 6 months. Sad eh?!

Anyway, I'll be going to HK this Sat (18/11) till 22/11/06. Can't wait! My only break between jobs. :o)

Take care... BTW where's my "Iris"?? hehehe

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