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November 13, 2006

color wheel

red, orange and peach carnations from last weekend's dinner party

beautifully dyed sock yarns from a pattern swap (thank you, sundara!)

striped scarf for husband


i really have not been inspired to write much lately. there has been so much going on, i feel perpetually tired after work, my mind has been planning the thanksgiving menu, the house is a mess... and cats want attention! and my knitting projects are growing like mad.

just some pictures for now.


Don't worry, those pictures say a lot :)

And I love the Sundara yarn, those colors are gorgeous!

Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing such lovely images of your life.

ooh that scarf looks wonderfully soft :)

Mmm that scarf looks so fuzzy and soft! I want to rub it on my cheek. What is the yarn?

Great job on the items.
Don't worry about being chatty, after all, all we care about are the knits. ;) j/k

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