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November 27, 2006

a long trip to fair isle

DSCN0771.JPGmotifs are big and small, i'm not at one with fair isleDSCN0783.JPGmotifs are stretched out when wearingDSCN0780.JPGclose up reveals it all

fair isle knitting is still a slow process for me. these pictures where taken couple weeks ago, i just started decreasing for calf yesterday.

norwegian stocking is definitely a great learning pattern but not so sure if it is a good beginner's pattern for fair isle. i first had struggle with knitting with two hands. it was so awkward. i think i am getting better using left hand to knit the contrast color but getting the tension consistent is still pretty sad. one of the reasons i knit so slow was i had to manually adjust stitches by pulling yarns stitch by stitch. it was very tiring and non-productive. i had tried to knit with just right hand, but my stranding looks better when knitting with two hands. plus, it would look so cool when and if i master two hand knitting.

anyway, i can't wait to knit the heels and gusset. that's like the coolest part of this pattern.

still in the thanksgiving mood. i cooked a huge turkey this year and we had so much leftovers. i had to cook a new batch of stuffings to go with the turkey last night. a friend was having a birthday bash saturday night, he made some glühwein (he's german), and we even went this bar for some authentic german beer. i love this place, it is like walking into a bar in europe, so small but cozy.

waiting for christmas and our january trip to china. i am on a quest to hunt down some cashmere yarn and silk fabric. but let's save it for another post.


Nice to see your Norwegian Stockings. I'm sure you'll get better and more efficient with the fair isle knitting. Good luck finding the yarn and fabric in China, can't wait to see what you get.

I had the same problem with my first attempts at fair isle (although yours are much better), but now I think I've gotten to grips with the one-strand-in-each-hand technique, and it looks pretty good. So far. Just keep it up, and i'm sure you'll do just fine!

The fair isle looks pretty good to me! it is harder to do fair isle on a small circumference like socks. Did you read eunny's recent entries on the technique? These socks are on my to-knit list also.

Your fair isle looks good. I have these socks on my list, and I even have the yarn in my stash. I think a sock would be a tricky starting point - circulars are easier than dpns, but you're making great progress.

They look great for a first fair isle attempt! I know how hard it is - I did a hat for a first project and ripped a few times. It gets easier as you go!

These socks are so lovely - I just adore that pattern, and hope to make them one day when I am more comfortable with Fair Isle. I am just beginning to get into stranded colorwork, so it will be awhile...
They look beautiful though, and I like your color choices.

You have some busy times ahead-a trip to CHina? wow! and yummy glühwein! I love it ;)

I think you're doing really well! I have tried using two hands but I'm afraid it's hopeless, so I must be even slower than you... if it makes you feel better...
Those socks will be gorgeous.

what do you mean your fairisle doesn't look nice and even. personally i can't see what you are talking about....to me it looks fantastic!

those stockings have been on my to-do list for a while. i don't have the yarn though and really shouldnt be buying it at the moment.

Well done! I am completely intimidated by these socks, although I think they look beautiful- am looking forward to seeing your progress...

I think it's looking just fine! Stick with the two handed knitting thing and you'll get it - and then it'll start to be second nature!

Yeah, I know what you mean about the bumpy stitches and having to adjust things after every color change. But look at how beautiful it turns out when you take the time. Just like with anything, a bit of time and effort and soon you'll be doing it like second nature. Good luck!

Wow! You are really getting good at knitting gal! The Norwegian socks look good. Where's my bolero?? hahaha!

Don't give up on colorwork! Here aree a few things to help you: the tension seems a little loose, so you may have to go down a needle size. As for the puckering, every 5-8 stitches or so, pull your knitting to the right so that the back is nice and straight. For some reason, it works with me. Don't go too tight, tension-wise. Lastly, it seems that the motifs stick out more than the background. That could be because your motif yarn is the dominant yarn. Make sure the background yarn is the dominant yarn: from the back, it should be the yarn on top, not below.

Hope that helps!

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