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November 21, 2006

railway socks

then, he takes off his shoes to show the handknit railway socks...

wait for it...

oh my god why is there a hole in the sock?

ok, let's try to contain. just focus on the socks (after all, the hole is definitely repairable (come to think of it, the hole was probably due to my lousy weaving job. and i forgot to tighten the stitches after the kitchener bind-off, sigh.)


knit project: railway socks by nancy bush's vintage socks
difficulty (1-5): 1.8
size: men's (follow the pattern)
yarn: sandnes garn's sisu in color 1088 &1032
knitting specs: US 0 cir.

despite the hole, this is a very nice pair of socks. so he tells me. this is probably one of those projects that the progress was not as exciting as the end product. i did not enjoy knitting with size zero needles, for many obvious reasons, speed for one, safety for another. it's easy to stab yourself with sharp, pointy needles. plus a dark color yarn... i was really glad when it was over. though now i had to do the repair. which kind of puts me back two steps.

the yarn. a couple thoughts. sisu is soft, but not as soft as sundara's or koigu or those high-end 100% pure merino wool sock yarns alike. but price wise, sisu beats all of them. plus i have yet to expose my husband to high end luxury sock yarns yet. i want to do this one step at a time. sisu holds up really well in the wash (we're talking about toss it in washing machine and dryer). it kind of softens up a little, too. an unexpected bonus. i still have a couple balls in lavendar, which will be a pair of socks for me.

but it's very comfortable, husband loves this pair the most, and hopes that i'll continue to knit socks for him. he gave me a thumbs up for encouragement and appreciation. i guess it's safe to say that there will be more knitting for men's accessories and possibly sweaters in the future at whispering pine.


Isn't it great when the men in our lives appreciate our knitting?! I love knitting for my men and now my new DIL. Your socks look really wonderful; great pictures, too.

It's so nice that your husband appreciates your knitting! Mine does too - makes knitting something like socks on teeny needles for big feet all that much easier...

Wonderful photos - your husband looks so pleased, like he's wriggling his toes!

Great socks. Sometimes the things that are most appreciated are the least fun to make, but in the end we forget all about that and just enjoy that our crafts are loved. You make me want to knit socks for my hubby.

love the socks. they are the perfect man socks, ya know? i'm sure it'll take only a few minutes to repair that toe. doesn't look too bad.

What a handsome and manly pair of socks! I think even my handknit-averse husband would have to admit that those are quite attractive. Sorry about the toe hole -- I'm sure you'll have it patched up in no time.

Great socks! Even with the hole, which should be fairly easy to fix. And I'm glad to hear your husband appreciates them--I know what knitting man-size socks on little needles feels like. It takes FOREVER. But you did a great job!

So many photos this week! The socks looks great and wonderfully soft - all the better with which to spoil the loved ones :)

Those socks are really lovely. The striping pattern you did makes them look so modern.

Those socks are fantastic! I think I have the same color of Sisu intended for my dad. Good to know it will hold up well in the wash!

But I do think the hole can be fixed ... just too bad to let go such a nice pair of socks so soon, don't you think?

I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say it's very nice! I had to chuckle about the hole in the sock, because I've had that happen to me :)

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