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November 15, 2006

with wings...


you must not doubt my progress of butterfly, as it has definitely been growing at a steady speed. i knit it in round so photographing the delicate lace becomes difficult. without proper the light, it looks like a grey cat with beads.

here, you see subtle hints of the diamond motif. i so adore this shade of grey, it has a little bit of lavendar in it. knitting lace in round, especially with shaping, alters the motifs a little. i'm not sure if what i am doing is correct, but i have maintained symmetry. it looks okay. i have not seen this being dicussed anywhere in butterfly related knitting posts.

my aforementioned outfit for this cami is still non-existing. maybe i should come up with another. but then again, i haven't been out shopping. things could be different now.

my husband has been busy, hence the socks and the striped scarf are still waiting to be presented here. he loves the scarf, i even put embroidered initials on it. the yarn is wonderful, and i promise to say more later with pictures.


I remember seeing this pattern for the first time last fall and thinking to myself how beautiful it was, but that it looks impossible to knit. Seems you are doing a lovely job. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Looks like it's going to be beautiful!

It looks gorgeous already, what a beautiful colour!

I think that your butterfly looks beautiful! I love the color too.

That is one beautiful butterfly! It's such an elegant color.

gaaaa you put me to shame. If only I could have a day to sit down with mine, I think I'd get alot done.

That is a wonderful shade of gray - not to blah, it has a nice depth to it! Every elegant.

It looks lovely! The color is beautiful! Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

i'm sure it's going to be a gorgeous butterfly. can't wait to see the finished outfit.

I love your Butterfly. Some projects are wonderful enough to put up with the length of time it takes to craft them.

While it's true that it's hard to see the progress on the lace, you HAVE inspired me to glue some beads onto my gray cat. :)

I made my Butterfly in the round. There used to be a KAL on Craftster and several knitters discussed their tips for inc/dec and keeping in pattern. My 2c? The "seams" will look awkward no matter what you do! But seriously, no one will look at your seams when you're wearing a lace dress!
Your Butterfly is looking great so far. I love the gunmetal gray.

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