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December 29, 2006

new years eve


my niece modeling her handknits. i still haven't met her in person, but i was told that she looks like me when i was that little. it is such a wonderful feeling to see this wee family member wearing something handmade by me. her mother told me that she doesn't like wearing the hat, but i think she looks just adorable.

it's funny how life takes all of us to places we never expected to be. my family is scattered around four different countries for the past decade or so, it's a trip to get everyone together in the same place, literally. as such, some family members still haven't met one another. like my sister's husband and mine, we think that they'd get along great, why wouldn't they? an aussie lad and guy with southern root. and i am looking forward to meeting my little niece.

that would be interesting. and i hope that one day, we'll get to spend a holiday together.

this year has been great for us, we have accomplished a lot and hopefully we can enjoy the fruitful consequences in year 2007. knitting wise, i am not as productive as the year before but i'm happy with most things i've made. most exciting part of my craft this year was learning how to sew. i enjoyed every aspect of the process. it has been fun.

january next year will begin with a journey through hong kong and china. i'm excited beyond words. my siblings will make an effor to fly to hong kong and meet with us for a day. then, we'll be trekking through the ancient city of xi'an to immerse ourselves in the greatness of chinese culture and history. we'll get to experience the changing of seductive shanghai and then travel north to beijing. i hope to see traces of royal glamour in the forbidden city and summer palace, and to experience the vast north atop the great wall of china. we will have a chance to breathe the culture so intimate to me. and let's not forget the food. it is going to be an amazing experience. i'm sure of that.

thank you, for reading my journal, for supporting my obsession and loving what i do. have a wonderful new year.


So adorable! Hope you'll get to meet your niece very soon. Can't wait to hear all about your wonderful trip. Safe journey!

Adorable photo! Love little ones in handknits! What a fabulous trip you'll be on too...I hope it's wonderful!

What a beautiful photograph! Your trip to China sounds like a dream......wow!

Best wishes for 2007! Your trip sounds wonderful, please share your experiences!

That baby outfit is so cute! Happy New Year and have a great trip!

This is a beautiful picture! Have a wonderful new year!

Scattered around the country is bad enough- across a few continents sure must make it tough to spend quality time with family.
Your holiday sounds fantastic- have fun, and looking forward to seeing what you create and learn in 2007!
best wishes

You too Blossom! Have a wonderful 2007 and enjoy every little piece of your journey to China!

aww, your niece is supercute! your trip sounds fantastic - have a brilliant time and of course a happy new year, blossom!

dear blossom, thanks for visiting my blog! nice to meet you online~ love your works, they are so tender sweet. i used to teach weaving, but not good at knitting:) have a great trip to China... we went there with the same itinerary as yours last autumn, it's quite an experience~ china's different every day, enjoy!!! hug to your 3 kitties from our 3 rescued meows~

Your niece looks truly adorable in your handknits. It must be nice to have family scattered around the world though, at least your family will have lots of culture. Your trip sounds fantastic, and I wish your family a truly happy new year. Thank you too for writing and creating such wonderful things for me to read about on your blog. I hope next year will bring you much happiness and lots of crafting too.

i hope your family all manage to meet up this year. many many blessings and best wishes from me to you!

happy new year lovely lady

What a sweet picture of your niece! So cute!

Best wishes and happy new year, Blossom!

Happy new year, and good luck on your trip!

Your niece is adorable, and looks so comfy in her lovely jacket. Your trip will be amazing, I am sure. I wish you lots of happy knitting and crafting in 2007, and I hope the year will be great just like 2006 was!

Happy new year to you, and have a wonderful trip to China. I been enjoy reading your blog alot and all your great craft-works are fantastic. Will log in here often. Wish you all the best Blossom! =)

As usual, you know how to convey such emotion with your words. I hope you have a truly wonderful 2007.

At first I thought the photo of the little girl was vintage. The jacket is so sweet on her! What is the pattern?

Thanks for blogging. Whispering is a great read.

The baby is adorable. She ALMOST outdoes the knitting. Happy New year.

I just found your blog... it's lovely. I obsessively read the whole thing in one sitting. You do beautiful work and I can't wait to see more!

your niece is such a cutie, and the jacket is so lovely on her! and it sounds like quite a fun trip to china! hubby and i did a tour this past august: beijing, xian, yangtze river cruise, shanghai. i do have to say, the terra cotta soldiers, the 3 gorges on the yangtze, and the great wall were the biggest highlights. have lots of fun! and of course, a wonderful new year. =)

She's so gorgeous that I could just eat her up.

Fantastic sweater, too.

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