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January 25, 2007

adding a tree to whispering pine

i have now returned from the east. this trip was fabulous, and of course with tales and adventures worth sharing. until i have the pictures ready, i would like to begin this little tree drawing contest mentioned in the previous post.

two years of sharing my crafty passion with you have taught me a lot of things with the most valuable one being loving what i create, and the beauty of hand-crafted imperfection. i also have deep appreciation of being part of this wonderful community. as such, i would like to include your creativity and involvement as part of my blog. draw me a tree.

if you'd like to partake this task. please send me (blossom at whisperingpine dot org) a picture file of your version of a tree to accompany this existing patchwork one created by diana. file should not be too big (>100Kb), and should be easily manipulated to add on to the existing banner. the contest will end at 11.59pm jan 31th. i will compile all trees together for sharing and select the one i love the most and add them to my banner. i will ask the chosen artist to provide a little paragraph like diana did, and post them here.

a lovely package will send to the chosen artist, which will consist silk fabric, yarn and crafty related goodies!

thanks for reading my blog, being part of my craft and i look forward to seeing some trees.


Welcome back Blossom!! oohh that sounds like fabulous idea. I love trees and I'm definitely in :)

What a fun idea. I like the tree you have. It's funky!

Hi Blossom,
Glad for your happy trip. Can't wait to hear about more stories!
Hsin Wen

I still absolutely love this part of your blog. You're so creative and inspirational. You know I can't draw a bit, but I'll enjoy seeing the trees you get.

what a great idea! it will be neat to see the forest grow!

What a great idea! I am not talented enough for this, but look forward to seeing the forest you come up with! :)

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