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January 26, 2007

before the holidays...

i made a couple things and brought them to hong kong with me. one is amy butler's intown bag (again!) for my sister.


i haven't had a chance to try other amy butler's patterns, but i just adore intown bag. it is simple, versatile (depending on the fabric, it can be winter, summer, casual or dressy!), and very practical. it is very likely that i will make another one in the near future.

what i really want to show you is the kitty doll from wee wonderfuls.


this is for my niece. of course! i can only imagine how adorable it would be of her holding my handmade toy. the kitty is named mona. she is stylish and fashion conscious, just look at that purple shoes! i used the linen and cotton fabrics i swapped with joujouka last spring. they are incredible soft and organic, perfect for a child's toy.

i wanted the doll to look handmade, so i opted for a very simple facial expression. and then, i made a bag for doll as well. i am thinking of knitting a sweater for kitty mona. kitty needs a good wardrobe, too!

here are some close-up shots:


making toys are f-u-n!!! and i'm now a wee wonderfuls addict. i want to make the robot for my nephew. i'm sure he'll be thrilled.


Oh she is lovely, you have reminded me that I have that pattern sitting on my shelf, perhaps I will get it out now. I love the fabrics you have combined, your niece will be thrilled.

your doll came out so lovely! I am jealous of your beautiful blanket stitch. Your niece will be overjoyed with her present!

KAWAIIIII! those are lovely details. i wish i were your niece!

Awwww...she is so cute. I don't really like making toys, but that kitten is very tempting.

That kitty is so cute!

I really should invest more time into sewing. I have a sewing machine and all I had made so far are pillowcases!!

I am going back to Singapore next week. Can't wait! The food! *Drooling*

She's adorable! lovely details, especially the collar and placket, so wintage.

Absolutely adorable.

This is a beautiful doll Blossom, so sweet... Your little niece will treasure it, I'm sure...

She is so cute!!!!! Love the little touches - I'm sure it will be loved for years...

intown bag has been on my list for a while. yours is gorgeous.
and how cute is mona! love the simple face, simply adorable :0)

You do such beautiful work! I am sure your sister loves her bag and your niece her doll!

Beautiful! Both the bag and the doll. I especially love the kitty's dress. What nice details there.

Oh my gosh. My eyes hurt from the cuteness. ;)

I love it! It's adorable. I'd love to see different outfits for her.

Such a sweet little toy! Absolutely adorable ;)

I love the details of the kitty, you did a wonderful job.

she is very cute!!! I love Wee Wonderful too and I've made this cat recently! It was really funny to do!

Wonderful. I may use your eyes on my next one, if you don't mind. I like the buttons, but I really prefer hand stitched eyes. Yours turned out simple and perfect.

I, too, love the In Town bag. I just finished my first one and already planning a second.

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