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January 30, 2007

hong kong

i may be biased, but i am always captivated by the orient; it was just so full of beauty and mystery. you thought you had it figured out, but in the end, you really had just scratched the surface. hong kong, the gateway to asia, was our first stop of our recent journey.

it was especially exciting, even though this was my third visit to this city. but this time, we had a happy reunion of the siblings! no better place to take such picture than the subway station. very creative.

immediately upon arrival, we unpacked, we exchanged presents, and quickly we entered sweet dynasty for a late night supper. i was very happy to see my husband tried congee for the first time and loving it instantly.

china 009-1.jpg

beautiful sky, isn't it! it was just rare to see blue sky and white clouds in a city so crowded and possibly polluted. hong kong, through my husband's observation, exhibits strong british influence. to me, it is just a city for shoppers and foodies.

there are two things you must do in hong kong, aside eating and shopping. one, take a stroll along the avenue of stars. there are literally little sparkling lights on the ground, but mostly, your attention would be on this signature hong kong view.

china 453.jpg

next, aboard the ferry and travel to hong kong island, take a cable car up the victoria's peak. late in the evenings, you will be greeted by another spectacular view of hong kong.

china 329.jpg

i visited hong kong last year and went to the peak during the day. the view was different (but beautiful nonetheless), but if i must choose, i much prefer the night view.

and if you want a holistic, hong kong luxury style dining scene with the view, try aqua, like we did. it will be an experience hard to forget.

china 488.jpg
the view from the bar. lots of red, glowing blues, beads and a spectacular view

china 489.jpg
delicious mango and lychee martinis

with that, we entered shanghai...


Wow, Blossom, those are gorgeous pictures!

Incredible pictures!

Those are real nice pictures to share. You took good pictures! I went to HongKong when I was 9 with my family. I remembered I did enjoy the trip there and we bought so many clothes at the " WOMAN STREET". =)

Amazing photos! I would love to go to Hong Kong one day- I have friends living there at the moment. Their life there sounds amazing and your photos have confirmed it I think !

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