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January 17, 2007

on the road

bank of china tower, hong kong

happy 2007, everyone!

the bank of china tower still looks as impressive as the first time i saw it. only this time i get to see it at night. to me, it looks even more beautiful.

right now, i'm sitting in my hotel, having breakfast in shanghai. a very contemporary hotel lounge, it's hard to believe that this is shanghai.

i have not forgotten about my craft. i visited stores for both luxurious silk fabrics and the traditional peasant blue nankeen fabrics. they represent two different extremes of the chinese art and culture, but to me, they are equally stunning and precious!

i have also not forgotten that the two year anniversary of whispering pine is approaching. and i need another tree. i will host a tree drawing contest when i get back. of course, in return, you'll get a nice package including souvenirs from china.

talk to you soon,


Nice to hear from you! You are on vacation and blogging, you must really miss us :) Hope you are having a fabulous time and finding lots of treasures and eating lots of scrumptious food! xxx

how beautiful. Shanghai is one place I've always wanted to visit!

So nice to hear from you! Can't wait to hear more about your adventure. I hope you can tell me about the must see shops in HK, because I'm going there next month. I wrote down a few on my list. Enjoy the rest of the trip!

I'm glad you're having a great trip.

j'aime consulter votre blog.Vous êtes très douée.Bonne année 2007.

Glad to see you are enjoying your vacation! I wish I could visit the Asian countries. For now, I am living through your eyes. :)

Nice to hear from you! Can't wait till you are back and share your adventure with us. Enjoy your vacation to the MAXX!!

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