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February 06, 2007


outside the forbidden city, next to the inner golden river, this tree speaks to me in a very lonesome, wintery kind of way

thanks for voicing your preference of my "adding a tree" theme here. i was very surprised to see that my favorite was totally different from most of your choices. everyone appreciates art differently, let alone having to select only one. anyway, i thought this is quite a fun exercise for all of us who has a bit of artist inside.

in the end, it's brooke's tree that completely captured my heart. her wispy, whimsical tree. the banner will be updated shortly! thank you, everyone, for participating.

meanwhile, i've joined the flickr community. it's just a matter of time, really! i've added some pictures of our trip, if you would like to get a taste of china. will be adding comments to photos, and more pictures whenever time permits. and, ultimately some craft related goods from the other side of the world.

two and a half weeks of traveling, i only knitted one sock.


What a beautiful picture!

Gorgeous photo. Welcome to Flickr! It's a great space, full of great communities. It's like a sideline to blogging!

Though it felt a bid odd to say it before, I completely agree that Brooke's tree is the best complement to your header. I really like that it is totally different in style to your first tree - great forest on its way :)

That picture makes my heart ache..like the way you feel in the depths of winter.
Thank you for sharing.

I really enjoyed your photos from China. Thank you for posting them. I will be in China next summer for three weeks. What type of knitterly resources did you find?

That's a beautiful shot! And all the other ones are nice, too.

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