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February 25, 2007


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hege gave me this gorgeous looking norwegian hat during my two day trip to boston last week. lovely shades of grey with yellow, and warm tones of accents. it was made with a dale of norway pattern, more details can be found on hege's post.

we had a lovely time catching up in boston, visited yarn shops, ate lobsters (just me), dinner at north end. i forgot how cold new england winter gets, however, my norwegian hat had kept me warm, all the way back to the sunny south.

thank you, hege!



What an amazing hat! I love the color combo.

What an amazingly beautiful gift. I will definitely have to check out Hege's site.

How lucky are you? That hat is gorgeous! I'm glad it was functional as well!

I saw your picture on Hege's site wearing this hat! I love it! It suits you perfectly, too. I think I will add it to my future hats to knit list.

What an awesome gift!

Its a beautiful hat! I like those color combination! Its definitely a perfect gift! How lucky are you! =)

I think the hat is even more gorgeous when it is on your head. :) You are one lucky girl!


That is fantastic!

I am not a hat person, but the color combination of that hat is very beautiful.

Wow. That is stunning. Lucky, lucky girl.

i was so envious when i saw that on hege's blog. now i am even more jealous. it is just gorgeous.

A beautiful hat! I love the colors and the pattern. I hope it's keeping your head warm!

That hat is absolutely incredible! I love that it looks like pretty folk embroidery. :)

That's one very beautiful hat! Just the right modern / classic balance. Lucky you to have a friend like that!

That is a lovely hat!

Oh, WOW!!!


Great hat, great work, great gift. It's so good to give.

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