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February 21, 2007

gingham kitty


i made another wee wonderfuls toy. this is the pointy kitty. i love gingham fabrics, purely because they are so darn cute. i found my inspiration here, a japanese craft book i mentioned in the past.

my cat loves the kitty, too. as you can easily see, she is already chewing on it. how sweet.


I love it! My grandmother made me a gingham doggie, so the kitty really 'speaks' to me.

hahaha, kitty love :)

awww. that's so cute!

So cute. I love gingham, too!

so cute! even your cannibalistic cat ;-)

awww - I love the color of gingham you picked out!

That's soooo cute!! I love the gingham,too!!

Adorable! I like the big gingham in the little project.

I love this gingham kitty!

I've been thinking of making this for my niece - so cute!

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