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February 25, 2007


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hege gave me this gorgeous looking norwegian hat during my two day trip to boston last week. lovely shades of grey with yellow, and warm tones of accents. it was made with a dale of norway pattern, more details can be found on hege's post.

we had a lovely time catching up in boston, visited yarn shops, ate lobsters (just me), dinner at north end. i forgot how cold new england winter gets, however, my norwegian hat had kept me warm, all the way back to the sunny south.

thank you, hege!

February 21, 2007

gingham kitty


i made another wee wonderfuls toy. this is the pointy kitty. i love gingham fabrics, purely because they are so darn cute. i found my inspiration here, a japanese craft book i mentioned in the past.

my cat loves the kitty, too. as you can easily see, she is already chewing on it. how sweet.

February 14, 2007

souvenir, part two


i hope floral prints are in this season, because i am planning to make at least one floaty, silky dress this spring!

it was extremely difficult to choose among yards and yards of fabric when i visited the silk fabric store in shanghai. i eventually decided to go with bold floral prints. after splurging on all those silk, i didn't have enough money to get the cashmere i wanted, nor those beautiful, summery linen. oh well. got to stop somewhere, right.

china 1318.jpg

this is not really souvenir but a result of a lovely swap with di! i she had fulfilled my desire for some jo sharp's yarns. i now have enough silkroad aran tweed to make either a sunrise circle jacket, a forecast or the staple ribby cardi. which one should i make? i've been stalking some sunrise circle jackets, they all look beautiful. but are they easy to wear? i hate to make a sweater out of some gorgeous yarns only to find out that it's not very wearable.

the blue yarns are jo sharp's new alpaca kid lustre. wonderful to feel. they should become socks or gloves one day!

love swapping with knitters alike. it's not just the swapping part that's fun, but the process of negotiating goods, back and forth deliberation. mostly at the end of the swap, i felt like i've gained another friend, thanks di!

February 12, 2007

souvenir, part one

postcards of shanghai red leather bag

what i really love about shanghai is not all those fancy schmancy high rise buildings (exceptions to those historical ones on the bund and french concessions), but those alleyways. they are fascinating. each one with its own character and charm.

i was strolling near the art gallery district of the city, looking for this particular shop i found in the guidebook. a hand-crafted leather studio. finally i was there, the tiniest shop on the street. there were two costumers in there (along with the shop owner) and the whole room was crowded. i was greeted by the smell of leather, and instantly loving everything i saw in there.

the owner was a lovely young lady, she studies art and learned how to work with leather from her father. every bag in the shop was hand made (and only one copy)! it was even cuter when i asked if she had knitted the hat she was wearing, and she said yes! she was also admiring my rebecca shawl! oh, i was so happy to have found a knitter all the way across the ocean!

so i bought several items from her, and this lovely red bag was one of them! i've been using it every single day now and loving it more each day!

she even custom made shoes! too bad i did not have enough time to get a pair made (for about 50 US dollars!!). next time, definitely! and if you are ever lucky enough to visit shanghai and would like to visit her shop, you can find it here**.

**the web page was down it seems, check back in a few days!**

February 08, 2007

madder ribbed socks

madder ribbed socks
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knit project: madder ribbed socks by nancy bush in vintage socks
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
size: women's small (follow the pattern)
yarn: mountain colors bearfoot in redtail hawk
knitting specs: US 1 circ.

when it comes to socks, i value practicality over aesthetic. and i never really wash my socks by hand. they are normally treated just like any other commercially made socks. so far, most of my hand knit socks have been holding up really well with this treatment. i don't mind they felt a little even, they are a lot warmer that way, especially during the cold weather.

this sock pattern has been on my list to knit for very long time, especially after seeing purly's. i finished one sock while in china, which was kind of pointless since i couldn't wear just one sock. anyway, i finished the second one last weekend. and have worn it once already!

dutch heel (or whatever this type of heel calls) and my heel don't sit well together. a bit too loose for my taste. i do like the look of it, though. i decided to knit the toes as regular round toes because the pointedness of the original pattern looks a little scary for me. i do love the ribbed pattern though. especially with this sock yarn.

so the sock yarn... it is just pure divine! it holds up really well in my washer and dryer, too. i was hoping it'd felt a little, but it didn't. which kind of sucks because i knitted it a bit longer than needed.

now perhaps i can focus on my neglected norwegian stockings!

February 06, 2007


outside the forbidden city, next to the inner golden river, this tree speaks to me in a very lonesome, wintery kind of way

thanks for voicing your preference of my "adding a tree" theme here. i was very surprised to see that my favorite was totally different from most of your choices. everyone appreciates art differently, let alone having to select only one. anyway, i thought this is quite a fun exercise for all of us who has a bit of artist inside.

in the end, it's brooke's tree that completely captured my heart. her wispy, whimsical tree. the banner will be updated shortly! thank you, everyone, for participating.

meanwhile, i've joined the flickr community. it's just a matter of time, really! i've added some pictures of our trip, if you would like to get a taste of china. will be adding comments to photos, and more pictures whenever time permits. and, ultimately some craft related goods from the other side of the world.

two and a half weeks of traveling, i only knitted one sock.

February 01, 2007

selecting a tree

the tree post had yielded some trees from some talented bloggers! thank you all very much, ladies! i thought the selection would be easy, but not at all! i love all of them. even hege had suggested that i should knit a mini-tree and incorporated that. which, is likely to be for next year.

so here are the trees i have received:

1. from vanessa at coloursknits

2. from brooke at the daily purl

3. from petulant feminine

and with some manipulations i did:


which one is your favorite? i think i have one already. not sure if your favorites would change my mind.