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February 08, 2007

madder ribbed socks

madder ribbed socks
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knit project: madder ribbed socks by nancy bush in vintage socks
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
size: women's small (follow the pattern)
yarn: mountain colors bearfoot in redtail hawk
knitting specs: US 1 circ.

when it comes to socks, i value practicality over aesthetic. and i never really wash my socks by hand. they are normally treated just like any other commercially made socks. so far, most of my hand knit socks have been holding up really well with this treatment. i don't mind they felt a little even, they are a lot warmer that way, especially during the cold weather.

this sock pattern has been on my list to knit for very long time, especially after seeing purly's. i finished one sock while in china, which was kind of pointless since i couldn't wear just one sock. anyway, i finished the second one last weekend. and have worn it once already!

dutch heel (or whatever this type of heel calls) and my heel don't sit well together. a bit too loose for my taste. i do like the look of it, though. i decided to knit the toes as regular round toes because the pointedness of the original pattern looks a little scary for me. i do love the ribbed pattern though. especially with this sock yarn.

so the sock yarn... it is just pure divine! it holds up really well in my washer and dryer, too. i was hoping it'd felt a little, but it didn't. which kind of sucks because i knitted it a bit longer than needed.

now perhaps i can focus on my neglected norwegian stockings!


they are beautiful, blossom! bearfoot is a great yarn and superwarm this time of year. i agree with the weirdness of the dutch heel; i felt the same with my madders, but fortunately with wear everything evened itself out a bit and now i don't notice it anymore.

isn't that a great, basic pattern? I made a pair for my hubby (sub'd a short row heel) and he loves the simple rib....the color of that yarn goes perfect with the pattern - no real striping or pooling!

I am making these same socks right now! Beautiful! I really like the yarn you used too :) I think your logic is right on - socks get a lot of wear, so practicality should be over aesthetic. But, it is possible to have both - such is the case with yours!

I guess I need to get that book! I like that pattern a lot and agree with your practicality. No way am I going to handwash socks.

I recently finished a pair of Madder Ribbed socks in Fleece Artist and I wish I knit a normal toe as well. The toe is very pointy and looks a little funny on my feet. Your pair looks lovely.

I'm glad to hear the Bearfoot is holding up well in the washer (and the dryer!). My Rib and Cable Socks in Bearfoot are one of my favorites but I haven't been brave enough to put them in the machine yet. I also want to experiment more with Nancy Bush's heels and toes. Your socks are beautiful!

pretty! i made these too and found the dutch heel to be...weird. looks like a coffee bean and feels funny to walk on. and yeah the toes are really pointy.

I love the yarn - I have some Bearfoot on the needles now. I want to be the risk-taker that you are and wash my Trekking socks - maybe they would shrink a little. They were my first pair, and I think I should have done them on size 1 needles.

love the socks! such a great color. i love just throwing socks in the wash... felting does help a bit to keep the toes warm!

I definitely need to get that book too! I absolutely love these socks, what a great colourway, and the yarn seems to be every bit as divine as you described it. Beautiful work!

Gorgeous colors! I like that they are long, is that from just one skein? You should bring your Norwegian stockings when you come up to Boston :)

Beautiful socks! Can I make this as a first time sock pattern? I'm looking for my first sock pattern. I'm sitting here ready with the yarn and needles, but no pattern......

What wonderful socks, and I love the color of them too. I am sure you are glad that they are now finished and you wear them. I cannot wait to see the new banner too.

I, too, treat my handknit socks just like my commercial socks and they do just fine. Yours are lovely. As is your favorite photo below. xox, J

I have had that Nancy Bush book out of the library for ages and ages and I don't even want to think about what the fine is at this point.

Guess I should just buy the darn thing since I can't let it go. :)

Great choice- they look so cozy.

interesting blog! I mentioned you today.. take care:)

Those socks are on my must knit list, but now they've moved up in rank a little. I appreciate your toe and heel modificaations. I'm torn, I want to experiment with different toes/heels, but at the same time, after all the time spent kniting them, you want them to be comfy! It's not so bad to pull out a toe--but all he way back to the heel-- HURTS!

Beautiful colors. Love the simplicity of the pattern!

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