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February 01, 2007

selecting a tree

the tree post had yielded some trees from some talented bloggers! thank you all very much, ladies! i thought the selection would be easy, but not at all! i love all of them. even hege had suggested that i should knit a mini-tree and incorporated that. which, is likely to be for next year.

so here are the trees i have received:

1. from vanessa at coloursknits

2. from brooke at the daily purl

3. from petulant feminine

and with some manipulations i did:


which one is your favorite? i think i have one already. not sure if your favorites would change my mind.


number 1

top right

ok. I changed my mind number 1.

I like the bottom right one best. They're all nice though.

They're all nice, but I do like the very top one the best.

I'm quite fond of the lower right one, but they're all gorgeous and will complement the current tree nicely.

I like the bottom right one as well.

the very first one, definitely. it compliments your year 1 tree very nicely.

The top right. The gold behind your original tree is pretty... What made you pick gold, though?

the first one absolutely!

I like Vanessa's! Hers look great with Diana's.

I like Vanessa's one as well! That goes very well with your old tree!!! No.1 !

Top right!

lower right, definitely!

#1 - no question.

Oh, I like the bottom right. :0)

All great- I love them all. What talented readers you have!

Vanessa's - aka #1

I like Vanessa's the best, though the feather is a fun touch!

I kind of like the flow of the bottom left out of the quartet.

They are all so talented! Tough choice!

I definitely like the very top one best. Excellent effort on everyone's part!

I like all the trees individually, but number 1 goes perfectly with your site.

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