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February 12, 2007

souvenir, part one

postcards of shanghai red leather bag

what i really love about shanghai is not all those fancy schmancy high rise buildings (exceptions to those historical ones on the bund and french concessions), but those alleyways. they are fascinating. each one with its own character and charm.

i was strolling near the art gallery district of the city, looking for this particular shop i found in the guidebook. a hand-crafted leather studio. finally i was there, the tiniest shop on the street. there were two costumers in there (along with the shop owner) and the whole room was crowded. i was greeted by the smell of leather, and instantly loving everything i saw in there.

the owner was a lovely young lady, she studies art and learned how to work with leather from her father. every bag in the shop was hand made (and only one copy)! it was even cuter when i asked if she had knitted the hat she was wearing, and she said yes! she was also admiring my rebecca shawl! oh, i was so happy to have found a knitter all the way across the ocean!

so i bought several items from her, and this lovely red bag was one of them! i've been using it every single day now and loving it more each day!

she even custom made shoes! too bad i did not have enough time to get a pair made (for about 50 US dollars!!). next time, definitely! and if you are ever lucky enough to visit shanghai and would like to visit her shop, you can find it here**.

**the web page was down it seems, check back in a few days!**


You wouldn't remember the address of the store would you? I leave for Shanghai on Friday, the store sounds very cool and the red bag is lovely. Thought it would be fun to check it out.

What guidebook did you use? Did you like it?

wow- sounds like a fantastic little shop to discover- I love those kinds of discoveries and souveniers.

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