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February 14, 2007

souvenir, part two


i hope floral prints are in this season, because i am planning to make at least one floaty, silky dress this spring!

it was extremely difficult to choose among yards and yards of fabric when i visited the silk fabric store in shanghai. i eventually decided to go with bold floral prints. after splurging on all those silk, i didn't have enough money to get the cashmere i wanted, nor those beautiful, summery linen. oh well. got to stop somewhere, right.


this is not really souvenir but a result of a lovely swap with di! i she had fulfilled my desire for some jo sharp's yarns. i now have enough silkroad aran tweed to make either a sunrise circle jacket, a forecast or the staple ribby cardi. which one should i make? i've been stalking some sunrise circle jackets, they all look beautiful. but are they easy to wear? i hate to make a sweater out of some gorgeous yarns only to find out that it's not very wearable.

the blue yarns are jo sharp's new alpaca kid lustre. wonderful to feel. they should become socks or gloves one day!

love swapping with knitters alike. it's not just the swapping part that's fun, but the process of negotiating goods, back and forth deliberation. mostly at the end of the swap, i felt like i've gained another friend, thanks di!


Those fabrics are absolutely gorgeous Blossom and I am looking forward to see them transformed into beautiful floaty dresses!...

Beautiful fabrics! The flowers look like watercolors.

I vote sunrise circle jacket, but I think any of those choices would make a great addition to your wardrobe.

P.S. Prints are definitely in. Flip through this catalogue for some inspiration: http://www.anthropologie.com/jump.jsp?itemID=0&itemType;=HOME_PAGE

you know, i think of you whenever i put on the socks i've made from all that lovely yarn you sent me in that swap ages ago!

i just completed my sunrise circle (am weaving in ends tonight and hopefully will have buttons this weekend). it was a very fun knit and i highly recommend it. i can comment on wearability in the next few weeks, i'm sure. good luck with whatever your choice is!

I loved knitting my sunrise circle but I have hardly worn it. The yarn I chose (knitpicks wool of the andes) is a solid chocolate brown colour and looks a little heavy for the style of the jacket. It looks very rustic I suppose. The shaping of the jacket isn't quite right for me either. I needed to make it longer, lose the double decreases on the back as the back kicks out rather than hugging my bottom and I think the sleeves should be shorter. I think it would benefit from some careful measuring and planning, although not easy to modify given the shaping at the front. Also would benefit from a light coloured yarn, and something lighter in texture (like silkroad aran - perfect!).

you know if you ever need more jo sharp yarn...let me know. i would be more than happy to fuel your addiction.

lovely silks! I love the idea of fabric as a souvenier- I bought pieces of Liberty when I ws travelling around the UK when I was a uni student with an already bulging backpack.
I really enjoyed swapping with you too- I vote for Sunrise circle jacket- I kind of like the symmetry of us both knitting it with the yarn that we swapped!

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