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March 13, 2007

bohemian shirt

boho shirt
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pattern: simplicity 4077
difficulty (1-5): 3
pattern size: 8
fabric: 1.75 yd of anna maria horner's bohemian in blue paisleys

this piece of fabric by anna maria horner's bohemian line had been sitting in my stash since last summer. i was originally planned for a skirt. then a dress, then... winter came. i wanted to sew a shirt this weekend and i thought this fabric sits pretty well with my current wardrobe- nothing but full of blue tones.

i think i may be getting better at sewing. especially the part of selecting the correct size to make. simplicity patterns seem to fit closer to my size. i was tossing between size 8 and 10, it probably would have been fine with a larger size. major modification went to the sleeves. i was not thrilled with the whole puffy sleeves look, but that was after the patterns were cut. i then folded the pattern right down the middle, sew it up, then fitted in like set-in sleeves without much problem! you can view more here. i also left out the interfacings on the sleeves cuff. softer feel looks better in my opinion.

what i love the most about the shirt is really the fabric buttons! i wanted to use that for the longest time. a packet of fabric buttons kit is readily available at most stores, i used interfaced fabric to make them. which came up so darn cute! and blended well with the whole garment.

i didn't think i would dig the mandarin collar look, but i did.

about a year ago i started sewing, little i knew then i was able to make a shirt like this. and i have plans to make another one in black linen. sewing in the spring time is the best.


Hey, that looks great! Good job fitting that pattern and making those modifications. Sleeves are my next sewing challenge.

I can't believe you sewed a shirt! It looks great. I've always been intimidated at the mere thought of sewing a shirt.

You did a fantastic job on your shirt. Pretty fabric!!

blossom, it's beautiful! the fabric is great and the buttons the best detail. well done!

So beautiful! Again, your precision for details is amazing. I think it's such a great shirt - I'll have to look into that pattern myself!

great job! what a cute shirt! the buttons are the perfect touch...

Yes, you are definitely perfecting your skills in the sewing. This is lovely, Blossom. What a pretty fabric and flattering pattern!

Wow, now I really need to learn how to sew. This is a great shirt. Reminds me of the bohemian style skirt I made. I actually gave up on it because in the middle of sewing it, I accidentally had sewn the bottom hem to the middle of the skirt. Don't ask how, I'm still baffled to this day.

the fit looks great :) and i love the print. i really like multi-sized patterns, as i usually cut from a larger size (for the hip) to the smaller size (for the bust). also, the pattern tissue has the finished measurements printed at key points (bust, hips, sometimes waist too).

Your shirt is lovely. It looks much nicer than the pattern photos. I love the fabric as well.

That's just fabulous! What a great combination of pattern and fabric, and the fit is spot-on!

Beautiful! The fabric goes so well with the pattern. Lovely!

So pretty - great job!

Your shirt looks fabulous!! Brava!

Its too funny - I am currently sewing a button up the front shirt with the exact same fabric.

Wow! The matching buttons make it look so professional.

Wow! That is awesome! You are really talented with the sewing machine! I love the fabric and the fit is great, just perfect for spring. The vents on the sleeves are great, too, they look very tailored and professional. I am so impressed! xxx

What a gorgeous shirt. I looove the fabric and the mandarin collars are great. You are a fantastic sewer, and obviously a natural too.

I love this paisley, and the color is fantastic, and are those covered buttons? Supberb craftsmanship!

ahh beautiful shirt alas I wish I could sew!

Great looking shirt! I like the buttons, too. You're definitely getting very good at sewing.

You have no idea who I am. Quite by accident found your blog and have been so inspired by your posted projects. Since discovering your blog I've purchased Amy Butler's "In stitches" and plan on sewing my first apron soon... I hope. Thanks for your fabulous inspiration. Soon I hope you will be able to see my sewing projects on my blog. Thanks (www.geramyum.com)

Oh, wow, that's really cute! I love that fabric! I haven't sewn in years, but I really miss it. It's been so long I'm not even sure what kind of fabric is out there—where did you pick up this fabric?

I love it! You've come so far with sewing. Just to think, you didn't want to joind Sew? I Knit! You're so advanced now! I hope you're proud of yourself. =)

Fantastic shirt Blossom! I'm so impressed with how much you've learnt about sewing clothes in the last year- congratulations!

Wow, I love that shirt you sewed. I love the pattern as well. You just made me feel like I want to learn how to sew now. If I could figure out how to use the sewing machine without my toddler getting into it. :)

wow that's gorgeous! i love everything about it. and after taking a look at the original pattern, i like your mod better.

Gorgeous! It looks like it fits you perfectly, too. I love the fabric and the pattern!

Hi Blossom-you did an absolutely beautiful job with my fabrics! You should upload it to the Bohemian Beauties Flikcr group!
Best wishes talented one!
xo, Anna Maria

Beautiful! Those colors are right up my alley :) The fit is great and I am sure you will get lots of wear out of it this spring...

Very nice!

I am loving that top!

WOW! What a seamstress you've turned out to be! It looks wonderful and i'm off to search for the pattern.

OMG!! That shirt is fabulous. I'm writing down that pattern so I can pick it up the next time I'm at the fabric store. You did an awesome job - you're an inspiration to me.

Hi I was just passing by your blog, and I just wanted to say that I really like the shirt! good job!

Oh. My. God. That shirt is FANTASTIC. I love love love the fabric. Can't wait to see more!

This is so lovely, you have done such a good job and I the fabric is brilliant, gives the shirt such a modern look.

I love that shirt! I just got a sewing machine last week and you give me hope that I might be able to sew something worth while eventually. The fabric is beautiful! Nice job!

I have looked at that pattern several time but always passed it up. It is so nice to see the pattern made in some cool fabric. Next time I see Simplicity patterns on sale I am definitely going to buy it.

oh, this shirt looks great, too! i can see why the black linen would look like a yohji shirt! lovely work.

Wow! I love this too!

Just followed the link from Flickr - beautiful shirt. I love it!

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