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March 12, 2007


remember this?

iris is finally done. it's packaged and ready for shipment to my friend amilia in singapore. it was meant to be her wedding present, that was last fall.

i am not sure what to do with the front closure, a silk bow, leather thread, a brooch? i left that open for amilia to decide. she makes jewelry, perhaps she can custom-made one for iris. a little crocheted string was temporarily used.

calmer is a lovely yarn for spring. i noticed that rowan had changed its composition from microfiber to acrylic, not sure if that is going to affect my feelings for calmer. but for now, i still love this cottony yarn very much.

a photo of me modeling the gift for amilia. i expect a photo of her wearing it soon!


knit project: iris from rowan35
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: small (34 inches)
yarn: rowan's calmer in amour
knitting specs: US 7 & 8


I love the color and the fit! It's beautifully knit, as all of your projects are.

It's perfect! So beautifully done. She will be very happy with it! And it looks beautiful on you!

Beautiful! I like the idea of a silky ribbon as the closure. Of course, if you go the button route, then the wearer could wear the sweater open as well as closed.

very pretty - simple and elegant

lovely! i love that color. i think a brooch would look great as a front closure.

I thought microfiber was acrylic...

It looks great, your friend will love it!

Beautiful color. I think a brooch would be a nice closure-curious about the jewelry she makes.

isel has come our beautifully. i am sure your friend is going to adore it. i'm also very interested to see how the change from acrylic to microfibre affects rowan calmer.

Iris is beautiful! I love the colour and it fits perfectly. Your friend will love it!

Lovely! As an aside, microfiber can be acrylic. The term "microfiber" just means that it is an ultra-thin, man-made filament.

Looks great! She's going to love it.

It's really beautiful. You still beat me for getting presents to people. I have three very overdue wedding presents to get out.

This is absolutely beautiful - what an amazing pattern, and I so love the luscious colour that you were using! I think it'd look just perfect with a nice brooch - your friend is going to love it!

Oh, it is lovely. Such a sweet garment. I have not worked with Calmer before, but I imagine it is perfect for this time of year. She will love it, without a doubt :)

Fabulous job!

i just read over my previous comment...wtf? i hate it when you find typo's. i meant iris has come out well. i must have been channelling isel for some reason.

sorry for being such a nuff nuff!

Wow, that looks so beautiful! The stitch definition is great too!

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