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March 25, 2007

morning glory & dottie pants

mimi's dottie set
it would be a lot better and convincing if a cute baby girl is modeling the dottie set. we'll have to wait for that. but click to see more!

pattern: mccall's 2213
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: extra large
fabric: amy butler's lotus in morning glory (linen) & blue dots

i'm not sure about you, but i found it challenging to pick the right fabric for the right garment. sometimes a print is only gorgeous as a print. you'd know what i mean, if you also sew. i wanted something cheerful, unconventional and a little bit of europe for my niece's summer dress. i came across amy's lotus collection and found this particular design very appealing. a little bit of marimekko.

like i said, i wanted to try something a little different for baby girl. so i picked blue. i think blue is so gorgeous of a color on a baby girl. the dottie print bordering the dress, along with a pair of dottie pants. i can see my niece walking wobbly on the beach, collecting sand and sea shells! perhaps i need to get her a pair of color matching crocs, what do you think?

March 22, 2007

spring on

as you can probably tell, i'm pretty smitten with my sewing lately, until last night. i was trying to make another skirt, as it turned out, i changed my mind on the fabric- no love for it anymore. this half finished skirt was now shoved aside for more interesting craft to come.

on another thought, maybe someone else would like a handmade skirt? perhaps i will finish it eventually and see if there would be any takers.

lotus by amy butler

anyway. i have been inspired by crafters everywhere as of late. especially six.5 stitches baby clothes. i wanted to make a cute outfit for my niece. my sister-in-law dresses her in pink mostly. though i am more with alison's philosophy on "no pink for girls!" so i bought these prints to make a simple sun dress and pants. i hope this would work.

embroidered whites

of course there's also something for me! some embroidered whites i found in this amazing fabric store in atlanta. i was all giddy when i asked the owner if they have some black fusible interfacings, the owner was wondering if i needed that for scad. heh... no, i'm not an art student, but imagine if i am one. how great would that be?!

if only we can decide what we truly want out of life and receive the trainings to become one, when we are all matured and thoughtful. like now. i would probably never wanted to be a scientist. i think i liked the idea of science more than science itself. however i can honestly say that i love art, conceptually and practically.

i'm thinking that maybe i should start using "whispering pine" as a forum to share my love of everything artsy. so let's begin with some sock yarn. beautifully photographed variegated yarns are always inspiring. isn't it!

cobblestone county
cobblestone county of blue moon fiber arts

happy spring, everyone!

March 13, 2007

bohemian shirt

boho shirt
click for more!

pattern: simplicity 4077
difficulty (1-5): 3
pattern size: 8
fabric: 1.75 yd of anna maria horner's bohemian in blue paisleys

this piece of fabric by anna maria horner's bohemian line had been sitting in my stash since last summer. i was originally planned for a skirt. then a dress, then... winter came. i wanted to sew a shirt this weekend and i thought this fabric sits pretty well with my current wardrobe- nothing but full of blue tones.

i think i may be getting better at sewing. especially the part of selecting the correct size to make. simplicity patterns seem to fit closer to my size. i was tossing between size 8 and 10, it probably would have been fine with a larger size. major modification went to the sleeves. i was not thrilled with the whole puffy sleeves look, but that was after the patterns were cut. i then folded the pattern right down the middle, sew it up, then fitted in like set-in sleeves without much problem! you can view more here. i also left out the interfacings on the sleeves cuff. softer feel looks better in my opinion.

what i love the most about the shirt is really the fabric buttons! i wanted to use that for the longest time. a packet of fabric buttons kit is readily available at most stores, i used interfaced fabric to make them. which came up so darn cute! and blended well with the whole garment.

i didn't think i would dig the mandarin collar look, but i did.

about a year ago i started sewing, little i knew then i was able to make a shirt like this. and i have plans to make another one in black linen. sewing in the spring time is the best.

March 12, 2007


remember this?

iris is finally done. it's packaged and ready for shipment to my friend amilia in singapore. it was meant to be her wedding present, that was last fall.

i am not sure what to do with the front closure, a silk bow, leather thread, a brooch? i left that open for amilia to decide. she makes jewelry, perhaps she can custom-made one for iris. a little crocheted string was temporarily used.

calmer is a lovely yarn for spring. i noticed that rowan had changed its composition from microfiber to acrylic, not sure if that is going to affect my feelings for calmer. but for now, i still love this cottony yarn very much.

a photo of me modeling the gift for amilia. i expect a photo of her wearing it soon!


knit project: iris from rowan35
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: small (34 inches)
yarn: rowan's calmer in amour
knitting specs: US 7 & 8