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March 25, 2007

morning glory & dottie pants

mimi's dottie set
it would be a lot better and convincing if a cute baby girl is modeling the dottie set. we'll have to wait for that. but click to see more!

pattern: mccall's 2213
difficulty (1-5): 2
size: extra large
fabric: amy butler's lotus in morning glory (linen) & blue dots

i'm not sure about you, but i found it challenging to pick the right fabric for the right garment. sometimes a print is only gorgeous as a print. you'd know what i mean, if you also sew. i wanted something cheerful, unconventional and a little bit of europe for my niece's summer dress. i came across amy's lotus collection and found this particular design very appealing. a little bit of marimekko.

like i said, i wanted to try something a little different for baby girl. so i picked blue. i think blue is so gorgeous of a color on a baby girl. the dottie print bordering the dress, along with a pair of dottie pants. i can see my niece walking wobbly on the beach, collecting sand and sea shells! perhaps i need to get her a pair of color matching crocs, what do you think?


Super cute and a pair of crocs would finish it off beautifully!!!

Love this! The fabric is perfect for the pattern.

Just gorgeous! I love blue for girls.

Wonderful set. I'm sure you're sister and niece will love it. I like that you picked a blue scheme as well. As for the challenge of picking fabrics, I think that is half the battle of sewing a great garment. The wrong fabric selection can really affect the end result. I just got a bunch of patterns and am in the midst of choosing fabrics...I have several Amy Butler Lotus patterns in mind.

Wow, that is Adorable!!!

SO cute!

Its soooo gorgeous! You put the prints together perfectly! Love it.

I could just eat it up it's so cute! You did such a great job on it. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

So cute! I love the two fabric combination- doesn't look like you struggled at all.

omg, this is so cute!!! i love it!

Oh, that is just outstanding! Gorgeous! I know what you mean about choosing fabric. I spent 2 hours in JoAnn's the other day trying to find the "perfect" coordinating fabrics for a hip, 70's themed knitting needle case that only I will ever see. But it had to be PERFECT, ya know? ;-) (I found the fabrics.) I absolutely love that you went with a non-traditional baby color as well as a non-traditional baby motif. She will be "le bébé le plus élégant à la plage" (the most stylish baby at the beach) this summer! I can't wait to see photos.

Wow, so very gorgeous! I want an outfit in those prints.

I love it so much, how totally unexpected. I think you definitely nailed the whole Marimekko, european look. However I would say it's more original than unorignal. Great job, I'm sure your sister will love it!!

wow! great colours, it looks so expensive and you must have an eye for colours!


The outfit looks gorgeous, and you are a very nice aunt for making her such a lovely outfit. I think the colors look wonderful together, but perhaps I am biased as I really like brown and blue together. You must show us a photo of her in it when you get one to see how adorable she looks.

Beautiful. Great fabric choice.

that is too darn cute!!! matching crocs! that would just totally complete that outfit!

A fabulous job. I really love the pattern on both fabrics! They look great together.

Oh heavens no, not crocs! Such beautiful work set off by rubber shoes? No, surely you can find some little brown sandals and fashion little bows or butterflies from the dottie print, to tie it all together?

This is gorgeous! I do agree with you about girls and pink, we do see too many of them and it is so refreshing to see other colours...

So cute! Little girls are so much fun to dress.

Delurking to say I love your knitting AND sewing. I had to respond to this sundress set since I too love blue on little girls. Also this weekend my daughter bought crocs for my 2 year old granddaughter who loves them! I think you've hit on an adorable ensemble look for your niece.

This is so very beautiful, and I'm absolutely impressed by how neatly and evenly you put the prints together! Great work!

Absolutely beautiful. But I vote for English sandals over crocs. Nothing should distract from that adorable little set.

That's a beautiful outfit, looks like upscale fashion!

The fabric really really makes it.

It really is stunning. The blue is delicate enough for a baby, but the pattern is so sophisticated it will look great on.

That is SO fabulous that I want to wear it.

Must agree with comment above - I want one!! As far as pink on baby girls.... I have a baby girl and I put her in blue ALL the time, much to the dismay of older people who always ask how old my son is! Then they blame her bald skull for their confusion.

You are really talented with colors and patterns.... I wonder if that is partially the scientist in you. Living in a college town, I know a lot of scientists who are painters or writers as well. It seems to be a natural pairing.

Ahh! So cuuuute, yes, get her crocs!

What a wonderful set!!

Your set is absolutely adorable, and I love the fabric you've chosen. Gorgeous

Gorgeous. I have the same fabrics in different colourways, and I adore those little bloomer pants in the dots :)) The blues and greys are so fresh. You must post a picture of it all being worn!!

my niece is at the age (19 mos) where she has received many a sweater from me, and the cutesy stuff is getting old (and, she is bigger and bigger and sadly, my time is limited!) this pattern is SO cute I can hardly stand it, and the idea of being able to make it lickety split makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing -- your use of pattern and color is gorgeous, and I agree about girls in blue!

you say this is the XL -- how large do the sizes go?

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