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April 09, 2007


mimi in purple cardi

my sister in law sent me some studio photos of my niece wearing the purple set. how adorable is this little chubby girl? they also sent me this one with mona kitty, notice kitty's shoes were gone. i think i may have to send her more.


That is one seriously cute lil girl. Oh, so cute.

SO. CUTE. Love, love, love the outfit, but I have to say the drool and the hands really make the photo!!!

Great job Auntie Blossom!

So so so cute! Is that a little drop of saliva? Aargh!

Super cute!

She is absolutely adorable! And such a ham. That sweater/bonnet set are just precious on her!

She's such an adorable model, the cardi and hat set looks great on her. Love that pose too!

Delurking here to say "awwwwwwww" right back at you. What an adorable model and love the set she's wearing too.

So so cute! :)

Wow! Here comes Mimi's mom! So happy to hear so many compliments. This purple set is a wonderful gift and suits Mimi so well. I will keep it as a part of her dowry! Looking forward to the dotty suits

Awww is right! Adorable!

How adorable! And so spoiled by all the beautiful knits and trinkets :)

What a sweet photo! And such a great gift.

I am trying to knit the "Lacy Bonnet" and having some trouble. (I am a new knitter, so heads up there). I follow the directions (I think) and cast on 8 but when you get to Row 17, she says I should have 71 stitches, I only have 30 or so? Any ideas?

Your neice is so cute by the way. I also love the Classic yoked cardigan.

If you have any ideas for me, let me know.

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