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April 30, 2007

gentleman's fancy socks

gentleman's fancy socks
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knit project: gentleman's fancy socks by nancy bush
difficulty (1-5): 1.5
size: modified (64 stitches cast on)
yarn: blue moon fiber arts' socks that rock in cobblestone county
knitting specs: US 1 cir.

another pair of handknit socks. but i have to say, they are the best fitting pair so far. all of my previous socks did not fit as well as they should. kind of disappointing! but this one, with some slight modifications, i found my kind of socks to wear in this coming winter!

i casted on 64 stitches, then with a little bit of maths, i centered the decreases and worked the rest of the socks with 56 stitches (i think, will check notes). it fits beautifully. i still have a lot of yarns left over. one of these days, i need to think of something to make for all those bits and pieces of left over sock yarns in my stash.

some thoughts on "socks that rock" yarn: nicely spun, beautifully variegated and very easy to knit using my addi turbo. i do prefer solid colors though. i like every single color in this variegation but it would be nicer if all of them are in a single, solid color skein! currently my sock yarns are mostly variegated and i have had a hard time matching my yarns with patterns available. i really want to make a pair of cabled or lace socks, with solid colors.

i haven't put them through the wash yet, but i suspect they would be fine with my washer and dryer.

next pair, i think it might either be knee-highs, or continue the fair-isle saga of my norwegian stockings (must conquer fear for fair isle knitting...).

however, i'm a bit itching to start a new sweater project. more specifically, kate gilbert's sunrise circle jacket, with yarns swapped from di (hey di, how's your sunrise circle jacket coming along?!). i'm just a little concerned with the sizing, not sure if i should make it closer to my fit, or with a bit of room. i found that most of my knits were pretty close fitting and sometimes, they are not the most comfortable to wear. i wear my cobalt blue cardi all the time, because it's so roomy and cuddly. my handknit sweaters tend to shrink a bit (with my way of caring, which was less than optimal), so i'm thinking size 37.


Nice socks! They look very comfortable.
Blue Moon does make their STR in solids or nearly solids. They have loads of colors that aren't always available on the website, so you can call or email to check on availability. (Calling is faster.)

Ah! They look gorgeous. Glad to hear they fit so well too. COngratulations!

Those are gorgeous socks! Love that pattern, it's very funky!

It's beautiful! I just finished these too and love the pattern. Love your colors.

your socks are great! i'm totally with you on solid/semi-solid colors. i'm trying to wean myself off variegated. they do look so pretty in skein form, but i've also found that they don't lend well to the type of patterns that i like to use. i wouldn't mind STR's variegated if they didn't pool so much. it's semi-solids from now on!

Beautiful socks! I think the variegated yarn and pattern work really well together here. Definitely a pattern I want to knit soon.

so pretty! I also have trouble figuring out patterns to use with variegated yarns. Semi-solid Koigu is a lifesaver that way. :)

Those are lovely!!

Ooo-- i have that book!! I love the socks!! Great job & great yarn choice! :)

Those are beautiful! I love the colorway.

Your new socks look great! I agree with you about the variegated sock yarns, some are very beautiful but I still prefer solids for most sock patterns. Can't wait to see your next project, I hope you'll choose the perfect size.

Blossom, the socks are really beautiful! I think this pattern works well in the variegation, although I agree with you about mostly solid yarns. I like to throw in a few variegated skeins every once in awhile though :)

The Sunrise Circle Jacket has been on my mind lately. A really beautiful knit.

beautiful socks! I knit a pair in that pattern too and I agree with the fit. They are my favourites so far!
I like how that STR didn't pool!

I love those socks!

The socks are great! I love that ribs are so well defined - even with the variegated yarn.

those are beautiful! I have a pair as well, and they are my best fitting, most favorite socks!

This is one of my favorite patterns. I have knit it twice! I love the yarn you have chosen and a 64 st cast-on seems to fit me best, too.

Very nice socks - it's so hard to find good patterns for socks for me - so thanks.

Love the colors and the pattern. Gorgeous socks.

Nice socks. I love the color.

The socks look great!
I have to say progress on my sunrise circle has been very very slow over the last few months, while I've been squeezing in some baby knitting, but I did actually drag it out of the bag this week, and worked one whole row, and just need to do the hem facing on the left front now. -oh yeah, and then do the right front and the back.... So plenty of time for you to catch up to me!!

Gorgeous socks! I have some STR and I'm not sure what to do with it. Maybe I can try this pattern with your modifications.

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