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April 08, 2007

only in new york

nyc - central park
my favorite spot in central park (click to view).

new york is as sexy as many tv shows and movies had portraited. however, seeing it unfold in front of my eyes was much better, beyond words even. we spent some time last week in new york. we were incredibly lucky as the sky was nearly cloudless. it's spring time in new york. what could be more beautiful than that?

we went to new york for a more realistic reason, not just because it's spring there. still, few days were not enough to catch a glimpse of her magic and charm. i even asked some local knitters for their favorite "only in new york" experiences. in the end, we trekked the city like tourists - picnic in the park, shopping around soho (honestly i was so overwhelmed i did not buy anything), pizza and hot dogs. i even dragged husband across chinatown just for some gelato (totally... worth it). new york was beautiful. it reminds me of london and paris with old architectures amongst the modern ones. but to a non-new yorker, like myself, nothing was more interesting than the people living there.

and i saw van gogh's starry night, up close and personal at the museum of modern art. that alone, was a trip worthwhile.


NYC - I can't wait - I'm going there this summer for an internship - I'll definitely have to find that spot - it does look awesome - and I'll only be a few blocks from Central Park!

It is really special, isn't it? I have not been since September 11, but I should. It's wonderful, worldly city with great spirit. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

i love nyc too! when i went, like you i was so overwhelmed with it all. as i was leaving it was almost like i was wiping my brown and thinking "phew, thank god that's over!" however no sooner did i think that, did i start longing to return.

i'm so glad you enjoyed your trip.

So good to hear you enjoyed your trip!

It's nice that you had time for MoMA, I felt the same way when I saw the Mona Lisa while visiting Paris, seeing a famous painting alone was a trip worthwhile.

Sounds wonderful! I'd love to see Starry Night in person.

jonathan richman sings a wonderful tune about "springtime in ny". i've never visited in the spring, but have in the dead of winter and the midst of summer. anytime of the year is great for a visit in my book.
nothing beats artwork in person. if you pass through niagra, ny, be sure to stop by the university and look for a painting by joan mitchell. i've only seen it in a book, but would just kill to see it in person :)

Okay, I have a PLETHERA of knitting stores for you to visit on your next trip! 1--Purl Soho 137 Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012 phone: (212)420-8796 2--Downtown Yarns, 45 Avenue A, New York City New York 10009 (212) 995-5991 3--School Products, 1201 Broadway Suite 301
New York, NY 10001 (btwn) 28th & 29th St. 3rd Fl, 4--P and S Fabrics, 355 Broadway (below Canal) in Chinatown (for inexpensive needles, yarns, accessories)!

On your next visit to NYC - You CANNOT miss these shops!

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